• Woman wearing construction belt, woman gardening, and pregnant woman working at a computer
    07/22/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Chiropractic for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    When you feel pain in your hand, wrist, or forearm, you may begin to worry that you've got carpal tunnel syndrome. Since most of us use computers and devices, it's natural to suspect the pain is from this notorious office-work condition. We do see a lot of carpal tunnel in our office, but it's not always from office work. There are quite a few reasons you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).


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  • Pregnant woman working on a computer
    07/21/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Pregnancy Can Cause Carpal Tunnel

    Women’s bodies go through an enormous amount of changes during pregnancy. Some of the changes are confusing, others are downright frightening. Suddenly having pain in places where you didn’t have pain before can cause some serious stress. It's especially challenging when the pain and discomfort negatively affect your ability to perform daily tasks.


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  • Hand putting stuffed wallet into a back pocket. Caption reads loaded for back pain
    07/15/2024 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Don’t Sit on Your Wallet!

    We've seen the symptoms quite a few times over the years: Sitting slightly crooked, leaning to one side, and away from the opposite buttock.


    Patients may complain of low back pain on one side, and buttock pain with radiating "sciatic" pain down the leg to the back of the thigh. Often the pain is worse with driving and sitting


    We often instruct these patients to unload their pockets. Then we see it—an enormous wallet pulled from a back pocket.


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  • Woman leaning back on a cozy sofa with eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face
    07/14/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Rest and Relax Away Tension and Pain with Craniosacral/Myofascial Unwinding

    Sometimes our bodies need signals to rest and relax. That’s where the Craniosacral therapy (CST) and Myofascial Unwinding (MFR) can really help. I’ve seen patients with headaches, low back and sacral pain, or pregnancy related tension all get relief with CST/MFR.


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  • a group of cyclists, a mom holding an infant, a runner and older man leaning near laptop
    07/11/2024 - Dr. Joe Bell
    Stand Up for Your Lower Back and Hips

    Chronic lower back pain and hip discomfort are common symptoms of a condition known as Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS). This postural condition often affects people who sit for prolonged periods of time. 

    If you’re commuting long distances for work, and/or working in an office with a poor ergonomic setup, Lower Cross Syndrome could be the cause of your lower back and hip pain. 

    We also see LCS in other groups, like new moms that frequently slouch over their baby, runners, and cyclists.


    LCS comes from strengthening, tightening, and weakening muscle groups in ways that create an imbalance in your musculoskeletal system.


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  • dr goldi applying a rock blade to a male patient's shoulder
    06/30/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Get Back to Your Sport Sooner with Blading

    Soft tissue injuries are not only debilitating, they're frustrating. You feel crummy and achy in your muscles. You're irritable from moving less and not getting those exercise endorphins. Worst of all, you're anxious about those training schedule setbacks. Soft tissue injuries don't just mess with your body, they mess with your head and stress you out.


    When home treatments stop working, it may be time for blading.


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  • Smiling woman in her car with her seatbelt on
    06/24/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    The Ergonomics of Driving

    You understand the importance of ergonomics at your workstation, but have you considered the ergonomics of your driving position?


    Improper driving ergonomics can encourage back and neck pain. 


    If you find yourself behind the wheel for long periods of time, you'll want to spend a little time learning how to drive ergonomically.


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  • Dr Goldi demonstrates the prayer and reverse prayer stretches
    06/21/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Avoid Wrist and Elbow Pain with These Stretches

    Repetitive activities such as typing, grasping gardening tools, pulling weeds, and swinging your arm to hit a tennis ball can cause pain and discomfort.


    If you’re not stretching properly, these activities can even lead to injury.


    The good news is that there are some simple stretches you can do to help keep you out of pain. 


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  • Woman hunched over her keyboard
    06/20/2024 - Dr. Joe Bell
    Could It Be “Silicon Valley Syndrome?”

    Chronic neck and upper back pain are common symptoms of a condition nicknamed “Silicon Valley Syndrome.” As chiropractors, we officially call it Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS).

    Upper Cross Syndrome is a postural condition, due primarily to repetitive, improper ergonomics. If your job requires long hours at a desk, and you're too busy to focus on your posture, you could have "Silicon Valley Syndrome." 

    UCS has other causes, too. Maybe you participate in a sport like cycling that encourages maintaining the same posture for long periods of time. Maybe you’re a commuter, hunching over your steering wheel for an hour or more a day. 

    Regardless of the cause, UCS is a condition that disrupts your daily life, making you feel grumpy, limited, and frustrated. 


    Chiropractic can help you get out of UCS pain and back to enjoying your daily life.  


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  • man with glasses hunched over a tablet while sitting at a table
    06/18/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Optimize Your Work Station for Reduced Pain

    Where have you been working over the last few years? Your kitchen table? Curled up on your couch? Reclined in bed? If this is you, you may be asking for a world of pain, and some chronic posture problems in the future.


    Working from home may have many benefits, but supporting a pain-free lifestyle often isn't one of them. If you're experiencing pain in your neck, back, or even hips and legs, it could be from your home office set-up.


    Poor ergonomics could mean a lot more intermittent pain today, and maybe some chronic pain from a serious condition later in life. Is it time to assess the set-up of your home work station?


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  • three girls holding balls wearing athletic clothes and smiling
    06/15/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Help Your Kids Avoid Sports Injuries

    Organized physical activities are great for kids: They keep their bodies moving and help build their confidence.


    With sports, kids learn to care for their bodies, be mindful of their thoughts, and develop social skills.


    While sports do help build a happier, healthier life, they also come with the risk of injury.


    Injuries are not just inconvenient for you and your child. They can also lead to long recovery times, and possible permanent damage.


    You can help your kids avoid injury. There are 7 things we recommend parents and guardians consider to help protect their child's musculoskeletal health. 


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  • Woman clutching her head in pain while sitting at her computer
    06/03/2024 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Different Treatments for Different Headaches

    Most of us feel some headache pain, and pop a pill to make the pain go away. Headaches are commonly treated with over the counter pain meds, and rarely do we worry much about them. 


    But have you ever thought about the cause of your headaches? Have you ever considered treating that cause, and not just the symptoms?


    Headaches have quite a few causes, and can also be avoided by understanding the cause and getting the right treatment. 


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  • 3 generations of a family enjoying being together
    05/23/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Chiropractic: Not Just for Back Pain

    Most people automatically think of a chiropractor when their neck or back hurts. 

    Your neck and back are definitely major players in your musculoskeletal health, but they aren't the only body parts that benefit from chiropractic care. 

    You may be surprised by a few of the conditions that chiropractic helps. From headaches to foot pain, chiropractic care can treat most musculoskeletal issues.  

    Some of the most common conditions we see in our Aptos office don't manifest in your neck or back, but begin elsewhere. That’s because:


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  • Woman wearing a t-shirt holding a bra up against her as if to measure it
    05/14/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    11 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra

    If you’re like most women, you rip that bra off the moment you walk in your door. Straps falling off, underwires digging in, shoulder pain, back pain, breast pain—you know your bra is there throughout the day, and not in a good way.


    Most women have learned to accept that bras are uncomfortable. But an uncomfortable bra not a necessary evil. You just need to know how to find the right bra for you.


    Bra discomfort and pain often come from improper sizing and style. Bra pain can also come from changes in your body, including pregnancy and other motherhood stages.


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  • Mom with child in backpack carrier hiking in the woods
    05/02/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Proper Ergonomics Matter for Moms

    From pregnancy to childbirth—and throughout the early years of nurturing a child—a mom’s body undergoes significant changes. 

    Each stage—from carrying the extra weight during pregnancy to breastfeeding and caring for your little one—puts a strain on your body, especially your spine. 

    Understanding and practicing proper ergonomics can profoundly impact your spinal health and overall well-being. This is why we're excited to share Episode 41 of the ChiroMom podcast. 


    Dr. Goldi co-hosts the ChiroMom podcast with fellow chiropractor moms Dr. Sarah and Dr. Holly. These three chiromoms are passionate about helping moms stay out of pain. 

    Episode 41 is packed with ergonomic tips specifically for moms. 


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  • Dr Goldi, a young toddler and a pregnant woman inside the treatment room
    04/23/2024 - Dr. Goldi-Jacques Maynes
    8 Conditions Helped By Pediatric Chiropractic

    When your toddler, child or teen is in pain, it can be difficult to know how to help them. Seeing your kid suffer can make you feel helpless, worried, and frustrated.


    You may feel like you are not doing enough to help your child, or that you are failing them in some way.


    The stress and anxiety of caring for your child when they are in pain can be a lot to deal with, but chiropractic can help.


    We've made this list of some of the common conditions we see in kids to help you know what to look for.


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  • Young family running on the beach and smiling
    03/11/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Chiropractic for IT Band Syndrome

    IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) is pretty common among runners and cyclists. Competitive rowers, skiers, and athletes that play soccer, basketball, or field hockey can also get ITBS. Even folks with knee arthritis, or those with a knee replacement, might experience ITBS symptoms.


    ITBS is caused by performing your activity—like when you're running and constantly bending and stretching your knee. That repetitive motion can tighten up your IT band, or even cause it to swell.


    While ITBS can feel like bad news, chiropractic treatment and proper self-care can help you return to the activities you love.


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  • Woman laying on a mattress in a mattress store, looking peaceful and happy
    03/03/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Choose the Right Mattress for Back Health

    I often see patients suffering for years because they’re sleeping on the wrong mattress.


    Sleeping on the wrong mattress is terrible for your health. Not only does an uncomfortable night’s sleep rob you of energy, it also causes many health problems. Poor sleep increases stress, pain, and emotional distress. It also reduces memory and cognitive performance


    In my practice, I often see patients with neck and/or back pain caused by having the wrong mattress. That's why I've written this guide to help you determine if you need to consider getting a new mattress.


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  • Dr.-Goldi-demonstrates-the-right-way-and-wrong-way-to-hold-your-phone
    02/29/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Text Neck is an Injury You Can Avoid—Here's How

    Text Neck is an overuse or repetitive stress injury from having your head hung forward and down for extended periods of time. As you move your head forward, its weight increases for every degree your ear moves in front of your shoulder.


    Your head is a ten pound weight, but at 15 degrees of forward flexion, the weight of your head increases to nearly 30 pounds. Your neck is simply not made to hold this weight. Your body will react negatively to this forward tilt of your head. 


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  • Woman seated on yoga mat with her hand over her belly and her heart
    02/20/2024 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Breathing for Pain Relief and Back Support

    Deep breathing is the most accessible, natural pain management tool there is. When you're feeling aches and pains, taking slow, deep breaths can help calm your body down. 

    When you deepen and slow down your breathing, you send a message to your brain to relax. Your brain then signals your muscles to loosen up and release tension. 

    Belly breathing is one of my favorite techniques for relieving anxiety, stress, pain and tension. Not only is belly breathing great for feeling better right away, it's also good for building a healthy spine. 


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  • Senior woman running on a trail next to a body of water
    12/16/2023 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Medicare Coverage of Chiropractic Care

    We know most of our beloved senior patients have Medicare, and that comes with questions about chiropractic coverage. Since we love helping our seniors get the care they need, we wrote this blog post to help explain how we work with Medicare. 


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  • Middle age woman clutching her lower back and grimacing in pain
    11/02/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Finding Comfort with SI Joint Pain Treatment

    SI joint pain is no fun. The sharp, sometimes debilitating pain in your lower back and hips often comes with an emotional weight that can affect your day-to-day activities. The discomfort of Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain can make it nearly impossible to perform the simplest tasks. There’s no question: SI Joint pain makes life harder. 


    SI joint pain limits your mobility, disrupts your work (and play!), and takes you away from otherwise peaceful sleep. Fortunately, chiropractic care has helped many of our patients with SI joint pain live freely and fully again.


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  • Smiling pregnant woman on beach
    10/19/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Helping Babies Turn Around: Spinning Babies® for Breech Positions

    Pregnancy often comes with discomforts, like low back, pelvic joint, and groin pain. Your pregnant body's rapid adjustments during pregnancy can cause tension, spasms, and nerve irritation. 


    These pregnancy-related conditions often lead to imbalance and significant discomfort. They can also lead to birthing difficulties like breech positioning if your baby can't move into the ideal position. 


    Spinning Babies techniques help ease anxiety about your breech baby.

    Having a baby in a breech position can cause significant stress and anxiety. The breech position introduces potential complications to the birthing process. Parents often worry about the health and safety of both the mother and the baby, and whether a cesarean section will be necessary.


    When it comes to breech presentations, our primary goal is to help our pregnant patients prevent cesarean sections. That’s why our doctors have studied and practiced the Spinning Babies® method.


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  • dr Goldi cradles a patients face while the patient looks up at her from the table
    10/17/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Questions New Patients Ask Our Chiropractors

    What is chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is the most common natural healing art practiced in the world. It is based on spinal manipulation—the chiropractic adjustment—to treat segmental joint dysfunctions. In chiropractic circles, this is often called a subluxation or joint misalignment. 


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  • Dr Goldi adjusting the lower back of a male patient
    10/05/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Chiropractic for Common Low Back Conditions

    Low back pain can make you miserable for a few days, weeks, or even years when it's chronic! For some of our patients, we can provide instant and lasting relief from discomfort through chiropractic care. For others, we manage pain through regular visits and ongoing maintenance. No matter the cause of your low back pain, chiropractic can help.


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  • Kyle Medina Headshot
    09/28/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Meet Our Newest Massage Therapist, Kyle Medina

    Golden Chiropractic proudly welcomes Kyle Medina, our newest massage therapist. Kyle's dedication to evidence-based treatments and genuine human connection make him a perfect addition to our team.


    We couldn't ask for a better fit for our practice.

    We are so excited to work with Kyle, and here's why:


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  • young woman with her hand over her mouth looking embarrassed
    09/21/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    When Your Stomach Acts Up: Chiropractic for Hiatal Hernias

    It can be frustrating when your stomach seems "out of sync." That nagging sensation of indigestion, those intense burping sessions—an upset stomach is super unpleasant. 

    When you don’t understand what's causing your abdominal issues, it can feel worrisome and overwhelming. You may be wondering how long you should wait until you see your doctor. What you may not be considering, but probably should, is telling your chiropractor about your abdominal issues. 

    Many of our patients with similar symptoms have been astonished to find that chiropractic can help. 


    Wait, chiropractic works for stomach issues? 

    Yes, it can, especially if you're suffering from a hiatal hernia. 


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  • Man in gym bent over in pain, touching his lower back
    08/24/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Sciatica: Overcoming Pain

    Does this sound familiar to you? 


    You wake up, the sun is shining, and you're excited about the day ahead. As you arrive at work, your mood remains high. 


    Then, later in the morning, during a meeting, a sudden twinge of discomfort shoots through your lower back and down your leg. 


    You shift uncomfortably in your chair, trying to ignore the growing sensation of pain. By the time you get up, the pain has intensified, making each step an effort. 


    What was supposed to be a productive day quickly turns into a struggle. Navigating your tasks while dealing with your sciatica symptoms is starting to make your day quite difficult. 


    Luckily, chiropractic can really help ease your sciatica pain and discomfort. 


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  • Smiling woman in a sundress and sun hat watering her garden.jpg
    08/03/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Cultivating Balance: Tips for Pain-Free Gardening

    Gardening has so many health benefits. You get improved mental health from connecting with nature. You also gain physical health from getting moving. There's no arguing that gardening is good for you. Yet, like many outdoor physical activities, aches and pains from gardening are not uncommon. With a little self-care, and occasional chiropractic care, you can cultivate balance and enjoy more pain-free gardening.


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  • Man clutching his side rib while wincing in pain
    07/20/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Ribs Misaligned? Chiropractic Helps

    Having a “rib out” can be a real pain, in more ways than one. The discomfort rib pain causes makes even the simplest tasks challenging. Sleep becomes elusive because you can't find a comfortable position. Moving hurts. Even breathing is painful. Chiropractic care can help you say good-bye to that troublesome pain-in-the-rib and get back to living the life you love. 


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  • Young woman running on the beach
    07/06/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Treat Your Groin Pain & Get Back in Action Faster

    Maybe something like this has happened to you?


    You lace up your trail runners, excited for your trail run at Nisene Marks. You take off, feeling alive and connected to the redwoods. Each time your foot pushes off the ground, you get a little more pumped.


    As you tackle that first challenging incline, you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your inner thigh. Then the discomfort radiates through your groin area.


    Every step intensifies your discomfort. You begin to limp, and you can no longer continue your trail run.


    In the days that follow, you're unable to do your regular run. Walking and sitting trigger the discomfort in your groin. This injury has paused your active lifestyle, and you are not happy. 


    You think you may have "pulled your groin." Can your chiropractor help? Yes! Chiropractic can treat your pulled groin and help you get back to that blissful run on your favorite trail.


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  • Older woman on a foreign street holding a camera
    06/22/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Keep Bursitis in Check with Chiropractic

    When you've got bursitis in your hip, life is so much harder. Bursitis causes persistent pain and discomfort, and limits your mobility. With bursitis, just getting around the house becomes a monumental task.


    Bursitis impacts your physical fitness by restricting exercise and keeping you from doing the things you love.


    Living with chronic bursitis pain can lead to increased stress and anxiety from the limits it places on your life. It interferes with your work productivity, and makes it hard to participate in your favorite social activities.


    If you're suffering from bursitis, you’ll be glad to know that chiropractic can help ease your symptoms and improve your quality of life.


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  • pregnant woman sitting in outdoor chair looking blissful and content
    06/08/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Your Perfect Birth Plan, Step-By-Step

    Pregnancy comes with immense joy and anticipation, but it can also bring on stress and uncertainty. Expectant moms have to decide on so many things: healthcare providers, prenatal care, birthing options and more. It can be overwhelming. That's why we tell those who are expecting to develop a birthing plan. It can really help you make decisions that are right for you. 


    We've found that both first-time and experienced moms who develop a personalized birth plan experience less stress. When your birth plan aligns with your unique needs, it ensures that your preferences are honored, no matter how your pregnancy goes.


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  • Three young women doing balancing poses on the beach
    05/15/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    From Hip Impingement to Freedom of Movement: Chiropractic for FAI

    Hip pain can make your life extremely challenging. When your hip isn’t working well, it’s hard to get around and do just about anything. One particularly debilitating hip condition for active folks and athletes is femoral acetabular impingement. 


    FAI limits your ability to exercise or participate in your favorite sports—causing pain and stiffness in your hip joint, especially during or after physical activity. The limited mobility you experience with FAI can leave you stuck at home while everyone else is out playing.


    Like many other conditions of the hip, chiropractic care can help with femoral acetabular impingement. When it comes to hip pain, chiropractic is among the best non-invasive treatment and management options for FAI.


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  • Older woman in workout clothes on the beach, clutching her hip in pain
    05/11/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    It’s a Joint Effort: Chiropractic & Self-Care for Managing Osteoarthritis

    When you've got degenerative joint disease/osteoarthritis in your hip, it can be hard to walk, sit or even sleep. It's an extremely uncomfortable condition. DJD can also impact your mental health, making you feel anxious, depressed and isolated.


    The good news is that chiropractic treatment can make a significant difference in managing your DJD symptoms. In fact, regular chiropractic combined with self-care for DJD can significantly improve your overall quality of life.


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  • dark-skinned woman in white T-shirt clutching her arm
    04/27/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Arm Pain and Numbness? It Could be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Have you ever experienced tingling or numbness in your hand or arm? Maybe you suspected you had carpal tunnel syndrome, but that could be the wrong diagnosis. We often find that patients with carpal tunnel symptoms actually have thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). It's a common self-misdiagnosis. 


    Patients with TOS can experience a range of symptoms that limit their ability to carry out everyday activities. Simple tasks like grasping, typing or using a mouse become challenging and frustrating. Even overhead lifting can be difficult. TOS can cause a major disruption to your daily life, including decreased productivity that sets you back. Luckily, chiropractic can help. 


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  • mixed race multigenerational family smiling
    03/30/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques Maynes
    Updated Mask Policy

    The California Department of Public Health says it's time to take off our masks. It's been three long years, and we're feeling grateful for your health and wellness—ours, too! We made it, and that's cause for celebration.

    As of April 3rd, the mask mandate will no longer be mandatory at our clinic.

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  • Dr Goldi uses the Activator on a toddler patient
    03/15/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    The Activator: What is that Clicky Thing?

    Are you among the many people who feel nervous about getting adjusted by a chiropractor? It’s not uncommon to feel apprehensive about forceful adjustments. In fact, some of our newer patients have shared fears of stroke, serious injury, or even bones breaking during treatment! For these patients, we need to address that fear to help ease their pain and discomfort.


    You can relax more with the Activator.

    Using the Activator tends to ease anxiety and fear in our patients, especially those who may have had a bad experience in the past. It’s our favorite technique for building trust and a sense of safety. For our patients who come in with feelings of apprehension along with their pain, the Activator causes less stress as we work to get them back into life.


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  • man clutching his neck in pain
    03/02/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Less Neck Pain for a Better Quality of Life

    Neck pain can make life extremely difficult. It’s not just that your neck hurts, you also have a hard time moving and taking care of everyday tasks. That leads to a lot of frustration and delays in getting things done. 


    There are more than a few ways that neck pain makes life more difficult.


    Neck pain can:

    • make it hard to focus
    • limit your movement
    • limit your flexibility
    • make it hard to turn your head
    • make it hard to reach for objects
    • make it hard to sleep
    • cause headaches and migraines


    The symptoms of neck pain can range from mild to severe. It can feel like a dull ache or a persistent stiffness that worsens as you move. Some of our patients even describe a sharp, stabbing pain that radiates to their shoulders, arms or head. 

    Whether intense or mild, neck-related pain can really make you miserable. Happily, chiropractic can provide neck dysfunction relief, and help prevent more pain in the future. 


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  • Group of 4 teen girls laughing together
    02/14/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Scoliosis & Chiropractic: Less Pain, More Life

    Scoliosis can feel devastating for a teenager.


    During those turbulent teen years, the disfigurement from scoliosis can feel extremely embarrassing. Wearing a bathing suit and other more revealing clothes can feel especially mortifying. Add to that the difficulty of finding properly fitting clothes, and you’ve got a very frustrated teen on your hands.


    Scoliosis can also make a teen feel scared about getting care, as their ribs can feel sensitive and their spinal muscles can spasm.


    The constant discomfort and lack of quality sleep resulting from scoliosis can affect not only a teen's school performance, but can also have a negative impact on their overall mood and well-being.


    Teenage scoliosis just makes life harder.


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  • Three teens having fun riding bikes and skates on a sidewalk
    02/13/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Posture & Pain: The Impact on Teen Health

    When your teen is in pain, their overall quality of life really suffers: 

    • School is more difficult. Chronic pain Makes it hard to focus in school. Teens with neck or back pain often struggle to pay attention because of constant discomfort.
    • They can't move freely. Pain makes it harder to do physical activities. Inactivity can cause a decline in their physical health, as well as their mental well-being.
    • They can't participate socially. Because they are in pain, they miss out on opportunities to connect with friends and family, or to participate in fun activities. 

    Neck and back pain can really cause a teenager to feel frustrated, isolated, and limited.


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  • 4 teens leaning over four different devices while seated together
    02/07/2023 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Teens: Screen Time = Back & Neck Pain

    3 screens and counting: my child's digital life

    One day I stumbled upon my teen using three screens at once. They were juggling a three-way video chat on their phone, a game on their Nintendo Switch with another friend, and their latest Netflix binge on the TV. I was both shocked and amazed by the digital dexterity!


    Impressive in some ways, but damaging in others.

    Many teen social activities have moved online, and that impacts their physical well-being. When it comes to neck and back pain, more screen time equals more pain. This “new online normal” is not good for the teenage spine.


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  • man walking on the beach holding his hip in pain
    01/26/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Hip Pain and Chiropractic Care

    Hip pain keeps you from doing everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs. When you've got hip pain, it’s hard to get around and almost impossible to get everything done. The good news: with chiropractic care, you can get relief from hip pain symptoms, get moving and get back into life.


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  • older woman clutching her lower rib in pain
    01/12/2023 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Chiropractic Treatment for Rib Pain

    Rib pain can be quite debilitating. Rib pain makes it hard to take a deep breath, or causes a lot of pain when you CAN take a deep breath. It can also lead to depression because it’s disrupting your life, feels horrible, and makes it hard to sleep. 


    Rib pain can also be pretty alarming—especially when it occurs in the front of your chest! Many of our patients with rib pain in the front think they're having a heart attack. If you suspect you’re having a heart attack, please dial 911 and/or go to your nearest ER. Don't wait for an appointment with your regular healthcare provider. 


    The good news is that most rib pain can be managed by chiropractic care. Whether caused by a traumatic impact, or a chronic condition, rib pain doesn't have to stop you from living life. 


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  • pregnant woman exercising outside walking and using hand weights
    12/08/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Walk Away from Pelvic Pain with Non-Invasive Treatments

    Having difficulty walking and feeling wrenching pain, as though your pelvis is tearing apart, can really disrupt your life! If your job is very active, SPD can negatively affect your income. SPD can also keep you from enjoying your favorite sport, or even quickly running to the grocery store for a forgotten item. 


    That shooting or aching pain in your pelvis can be a symptom of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). The pubic symphysis joint is between your left pelvic bone and your right pelvic bone. Its job is “to help your pelvis absorb some of the weight from your upper body before it travels to your lower body. It also helps separate your pelvic bones to prepare for vaginal childbirth.” When this joint is misaligned, your lower body movement is severely limited.   


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  • Wet path through a redwood forest
    11/18/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

    Making healthy choices throughout the holiday season is challenging. Holidays are a busy time of giving, spending time with family, and celebrating with friends. We are bombarded with parties, tempting foods, and opportunities to eat too much. Way too much. And, oh, those cocktails, they are everywhere. To keep up your health, make a self-care plan for getting through the holidays.

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  • Dr Michaela palpating an infant's stomach for colic diagnosis
    10/28/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Chiropractic for Colicky Babies

    When your baby is irritable all the time, it can get really frustrating. Parents with a colicky baby often don’t know how to help their baby feel better, and frequently worry that their baby is in pain. It’s a tough situation to be in, but chiropractic can help. 


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  • woman prone paddling in the ocean on a surfboard
    10/13/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Back Pain in Surfers: Seek Treatment Before It Gets Serious

    Surfing requires a level of fitness and skill to do well. It requires the strength to paddle, dexterity to pop up, and balance to stay up. All of these actions require a healthy and flexible spine. If you don't take steps to maintain a healthy back, you won’t enjoy surfing for as long as you’d like. 

    “Being a surfer means that you are at the mercy of thousands of pounds of water at any moment. It also means that the lower back takes a beating from the unnatural positions that you must take.

    “I used to just deal with the pain because I had no other solution, but with adjustments, I can be ready to go for another session at a moment's notice.” —Jeffrey R., Golden Chiro patient

    Taking time away from surfing because of low back pain can be frustrating. It’s hard to watch a good set roll in and miss out on the fun. But if you experience low back pain, you must get treatment as soon as you notice it’s an issue. Left untreated, surfers can get chronic low back pain, and eventually experience arthritic degeneration.


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  • Dr. Goldi adjusts a pregnant patient
    10/04/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Prenatal Chiropractic Care by Trimester

    Moms-to-be should feel confident in their ability to carry and birth their baby just as they want to. It's your body and your baby. At Golden Chiropractic, we see our role as members of your support team—helping you have a healthy and successful pregnancy and birth.


    Basing our prenatal recommendations on clinical experience and research, we treat the three most important components of a pain-free, uber-healthy pregnancy and successful birth:

    1. Health of Mom and Baby
    2. Mental Preparation
    3. Physical Preparation

    Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, ergonomic adjustments, and nutrition support optimal health and ease throughout your pregnancy, and beyond. Below you’ll find our general recommendations for your prenatal and postpartum pregnancy stages.


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  • older woman and older man smiling on a sail boat in the ocean
    09/29/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Want an Active Lifestyle After 40? Grow with the Flow

    Understanding how your body is changing as you age, and what you can do to maintain fitness, are the keys to staying active at 40, 50, 65, and beyond.


    When it comes to exercise and sports, the rules change as you age.

    Our bodies are always changing, and after 40, those changes require certain lifestyle adjustments.


    After 40, your athletic performance begins to decrease. After 65, you really need to carefully consider your fitness activities to stay active and avoid injuries like broken bones.


    If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, you need to come to terms with these changes. By making the necessary adjustments, you'll reap fitness' rewards and avoid painful injuries.


    Here's a list of 6 ways your body changes as you age, and what you can do about it.


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  • woman sitting on a sofa looking down and crossing her arms in her lap looking distressed
    09/08/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Time to Break the Taboo

    Most people really don’t want to talk about “down there,” even with their healthcare professional. Let's face it — issues with urination and sexual dysfunction often feel embarrassing.


    Pelvic floor dysfunction often results in leaking urine. It can also cause problems in our sex lives. It's a condition that often contributes to, and is linked to, acute and chronic low back pain, as well. These problems make us feel physically uncomfortable at best, and deeply ashamed at worst.

    Did you know that 10 million individuals in the US have urinary incontinence?

    It's really not that weird, and definitely not shameful! Neither is having sexual difficulties from pelvic floor dysfunction. Sometimes it's just a part of life we need to deal with. Pelvic pain and spasms, or urinating without intention during sneezing or coughing aren't a life sentence. Therapeutic interventions like chiropractic can really help.


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  • Woman in workout gear outdoors, clutching her lower back in pain
    08/25/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    What Does it Mean to Throw Out Your Back?

    Throwing out your back is a term used to describe what happens when the muscles in your back have been strained. This happens when you lift a heavy object incorrectly, overwork, stretch too far or awkwardly, or have improper posture.


    When you throw out your back, you can’t live life fully. That’s not only painful, it’s also very stressful as you have a hard time working and doing the things you enjoy.


    It’s important to know that “throwing out your back” isn’t a specific condition. When you suddenly experience back pain, the cause of your pain will be specific to you: your body, your lifestyle, your activities.


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  • older woman smiling while power walking over a bridge
    07/28/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Don't Accept Osteoporosis as Inevitable

    We're all familiar with stories about the old woman who falls and breaks her hip. What we're less familiar with are the devastating results of that hip-breaking fall.

    If a woman aged 65 years or older is living independently and breaks her hip, one year later she has a:

    • 50% chance of being unable to live independently
    • 40% chance of being unable to walk independently
    • 30% chance of no longer being able to get in and out of a bath
    • 17% chance of death within the year

    Anyone who's getting older—a.k.a. YOU—should be concerned about the effects of osteoporosis.


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  • Pregnant woman sitting on floor meditatively holding her belly
    07/07/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Easier Birthing with a Balanced Pelvis

    For many expectant moms, fears about delivery complications are very real. One of the most common fears associated with birthing is having their baby move into a breech position. The good news is that there are techniques and exercises that help keep babies out of the breech position. 

    Babies are innately intelligent — they want to be in that ideal position for birth. When they aren’t able to get there before birth, chiropractic can help. 


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  • Older woman in an exercise class with a happy smile
    06/23/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Aging Strong: Falls and Broken Bones are Often Optional

    Aging, as they say, isn’t for the faint-hearted. And, yes, growing older can have its challenges, but it doesn't have to mean a weak and unstable body.

    Aging is often associated with a slower metabolism, loss of balance, loss of strength, reduced mobility and reduced range of motion. These common traits of aging ARE NOT inevitable, though. If you want to age strong, you have to prioritize a very important act of self-care: regular exercise.

    If exercise were advertised on TV like pharmaceuticals, most people would “ask their doctor about” this "miracle" drug.


    While exercise is not a patented drug, I do prescribe some form of it to almost every patient. Exercise is the best prescription for an excellent quality of life, especially as you move into your elder years. You can even see benefits if you begin exercising later in life.


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  • Dr Michaela adjusting a baby
    06/01/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Babies Sometimes Get Tongue-Tied

    Problems with breastfeeding can cause a lot of pain and confusion. When breastfeeding is hard, many mothers worry that their bond with their baby won’t be as strong. This is especially true if their delivery did not go as planned. Often, problems like poor weight gain, dribbling, or biting the nipple can be signs of a tongue tie. The fussiness that comes with difficult breastfeeding is often related to the stress of trying to feed despite a tongue-tie.


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  • 05/17/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Get Health-Smart with Your Smart Watch

    One of the easiest ways to prioritize your health is to let your smart watch do the thinking for you. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and when you get health-smart with your watch's fitness features, it's easier to take good care of yourself. Easier = less stress and more health.


    Here are my 4 favorite ways to optimize self-care with a smart watch.


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  • blond woman staring up at a circle of Redwood Trees
    05/03/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    10 Big Benefits of Walking

    My patients, and my staff, often hear me say, “Motion is lotion.” It’s one of my favorite sayings, because movement is one of the key ways you can take care of yourself. Your body is simply more healthy when you move — that's why you should prioritize your health by taking a walk instead of some other less-than-healthy stress-reliever (sugar and alcohol, I'm looking at you). 

    You already know that you need to exercise, but did you know that healthy exercise doesn't have to be strenuous and time-consuming? You don’t need to go to the gym everyday for two hours, ride your bike for 20 miles, or swim 60 laps in the pool to get benefits. These activities are all great for you, but sometimes you just can’t put in the time or energy. 

    When you’re pressed for time or lacking energy, walking is a small act of self-care that you can fit in pretty easily — no matter where you are. Walking is an easy way to care for yourself, and its health benefits are physical, mental and emotional. 


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  • Dr Michaela gently cradles a baby's head while the baby gazes softly up at her from the exam table
    04/19/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Chiropractic Care for Infants

    You may be surprised to learn that chiropractic care is not just for adult back and neck pain. Chiropractic can also be beneficial for babies experiencing colic, constipation and tongue tie, as well as some other musculoskeletal conditions.

    While it may seem unusual to think of babies receiving chiropractic care, it's actually safe and effective. Many parents are unaware that chiropractic treatments can provide relief for their baby's discomfort.


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  • Man clutching his lower back in pain while standing up from his desk
    03/10/2022 - Laura Barnum
    Too Much Computer Time Means Low Back Pain

    Have you ever had lower back pain that appeared out of nowhere? Like one day your lower back is just achy, tight, or stiff? You’ve had no trauma, no accident, no sports injury. There’s just suddenly pain. What’s going on?

    It could be time spent on your computer. Maybe your computer posture or poor ergonomics are putting a strain on your low back. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that not moving much, or staying in one position for too long, can cause pain.

    We need computers to get just about anything done these days. Low back pain from computer use can feel unavoidable, and frustrating, but there are ways to stop it.


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  • Older woman sitting on her bed clutching her temples while looking overwhelmed
    02/24/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Vertigo: Stop the World from Spinning

    Vertigo is scary.


    Sometimes it’s feeling dizzy and light-headed. Maybe the dizziness only happens when you look to one side or the other. Maybe it comes when you extend your head or just look up.


    Sometimes you may feel like the room is spinning. Other times you feel like you’re moving when you’re actually still.


    Vertigo can affect your balance and your other senses.


    Vertigo can make you fear falling down, like you’re not able to control your ability to function. Our patients with vertigo symptoms have good reason to feel nervous and uneasy. Vertigo makes you feel out of control.


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  • Kirstin Gagarin Headshot
    02/23/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Meet Massage Therapist Kirstin Gagarin

    As a former competitive athlete, Kirstin knows first hand the value of massage for keeping people active for life. “Massage has helped me with recovery from injuries and has allowed me to continue to lead an active lifestyle.” Kirstin has been active her whole life, and focused her career on keeping people moving.

    Her favorite thing about massage is “knowing that I can provide a service that helps individuals feel better. Massage can help with pain management, stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, and muscle tightness.”


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  • Woman closing her eyes and taking a breath wearing a white blouse
    01/25/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Stop the Damaging Stress Cycle with Belly Breathing

    Life is stressful. 

    You may be constantly bombarded with crises to handle and fires to put out. It can often seem like there are just not enough hours—or energy—to manage everything and still take care of yourself.


    The neck, back, or shoulder pain you may be feeling from just managing your life can add fatigue and tension. It's even more stressful when you've got an injury.


    There may be relationship demands: sometimes coming from our jobs, sometimes from our kids, our spouses, or our parents. We can often feel pressure from all of these relationship stressors at the same time.  


    We may be feeling financial stress as the economy and inflation go up and down, and our go-tos for managing stress may not be readily available. 


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  • woman on couch hunched over in pain clutching her pelvis
    01/11/2022 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Endometriosis and Inflammation: There’s a Link

    Endometriosis can be annoying, and terrifying. The unpredictability regarding your own body when you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis can drive you crazy. Management of this condition is often tricky, and over time dealing with it becomes tiresome.

    Some women end up feeling completely hopeless. It’s a condition that can leave you wondering if you will ever be able to conceive, or ever have a consistent, normal period. It’s a lot to handle, and the symptoms can make life difficult.  


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  • Laura Barnum headshot
    01/10/2022 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Meet Laura Barnum, Our New Intern

    "That chiropractic helps people through a hands-on, non-pharmaceutical route is mind-blowing to me. I love that chiropractic helps people overcome pain, understand their bodies, and return to activities they love."


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  • Exhausted mom clutching her forehead and holding a crying baby in front of a computer
    11/18/2021 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Stressed-out Moms get Stiff Necks and Rock-hard Shoulders

    Stressed, overwhelmed, tense—these feelings come along with motherhood because being a mom is a full-time job. And while it’s a very rewarding job, it can also wreak havoc on your body. One condition we often see in stressed out moms has been lovingly termed “mom shoulders.”


    The symptoms of mom shoulders can cause pain and discomfort, and most moms just don't have time for that. Luckily, chiropractic treatments can help relieve the pain and stress that come with motherhood. 


    Do you have to be a mom to experience mom shoulders? No.

    Anyone carrying a lot of responsibility—feeling busy and overwhelmed without a lot of time for self-care—can experience the tension that causes stiff, tight and painful neck and shoulder tissues. We just happen to see a lot of moms with this condition, so we named it mom shoulders. 


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  • Michaela Peterson
    09/15/2021 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Meet Our Newest Intern, Michaela Peterson

    "My belief is this: if you can move your body easily and without pain, you can then focus on everything that makes you happy. Chiropractic helps so many people get back into their lives and the joy that comes along with it."


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  • Pregnant woman looking down smiling as she holds her belly
    09/09/2021 - Dr. Michaela Peterson
    Webster Technique: Preventative Care for Pregnancy

    Expectant moms feel pain and discomfort. Many moms-to-be suffer frequently from low back pain, pelvic joint pain, and groin pain. These pains come from the changes in a woman's body that occur with pregnancy.


    As the body prepares for birth, connective and supportive tissues expand and contract rapidly and extensively. This causes tension, spasms, and pulling on nerve endings. The result is a body that's out of balance, and a mom who is feeling extremely uncomfortable.


    With the Webster Technique, moms often feel instant waves of relief and calm.


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  • Dr. Goldi giving an adjustment to a patient and holding their hand
    07/22/2021 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Don't Let Chronic Lower Back Pain Ruin Your Life

    Chronic lower back pain can be disabling. Not only for your ability to move as you'd like, but also for your outlook on life. Low back pain can make you anxious — expecting the worst and unable to focus on anything else. Chronic back pain negatively affects not only your body, but your work and your most important relationships, too. In fact, chronic pain rewires your brain in a way that produces negative emotions. 


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  • Injury Prevention Trail Running by Dr. Alex Barone
    04/20/2021 - Dr. Alex Barone
    Trail Running Injury Prevention Guide

    Dr. Alex has put together a helpful guide for helping our runners avoid injury. This post contains an oveview of the contents and a download link so you can keep it handy. 


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  • Dr. Goldi demonstrates Wall Angels exercise
    04/06/2021 - Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Get Unstuck from Your Computer — Do Wall Angels

    Making snow or sand angels when you were a kid was fun. It was also great for preserving some range of motion in your arms, shoulders, and side body.


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  • Medicare payment changes announced with answers to your questions
    01/14/2021 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Medicare Patients — What You Need to Know for 2021

    Starting January 1, 2021, Golden Chiropractic will be a “Non-Participating” Medicare Provider. 


    Many patients are wondering what this change means for them, or their loved ones. Don’t worry, we’re still here for you, we’re just changing the way we manage Medicare payments. You'll find answers to your questions in this blog post.


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  • Dr. Goldi holding an overball
    12/08/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Pelvic Clock Rotations Using a Ball

    Lowerback compression and hip stiffness can mean you need to get moving! 


    Regain pelvic mobility with an overball. 


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  • prevent virus infection and spread
    12/02/2020 - Dr. Alex Barone
    Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

    As the status on viral spread changes, so do our protocols. We've always used only the best hospital-grade professional cleaning solutions — 99.99% effective in destroying harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. The only thing that's new is our reference for operational guidelines.


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  • neck and upper back pain stretches with Dr. Goldi
    11/13/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Simple Stretches to Help with Neck Pain and Tension

    If you feel tension or burning pain in your neck or upper back, this stretching sequence is for you. 


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  • Sign that reads self-care isn't selfish
    10/29/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    They're Your Benefits — Use Them for Chiropractic Services

    Do you know how many chiropractic visits you have per year under your insurance plan? 

    Many of our patients have plans with 20 visits per year. That means these patients likely have chiropractic coverage to use before they expire in the new year.


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  • Ben Jacques-Maynes headshot
    10/29/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Have You Met the New Guy?

    Ben Jacques-Maynes joins Dr. Goldi at Golden Chiropractic.



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  • Dr. Goldi and her foam roller
    10/28/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Foam Roller Stretches for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain

    Long hours hunched over your computer or digital device can cause pain and discomfort.


    If you’re not moving often, the poor posture associated with screen use may lead to long-term damage. 


    The good news is that there are some simple stretches you can do to help keep you out of pain. 



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  • 10/09/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Exercises for When Your Hip is Out of Alignment

    My patients often tell me their “hips feel off.” I also see patients who notice one leg seems shorter than the other. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you can get relief immediately.  In this video I show you how to do a series of simple movements to re-align your pelvis. Get out your mat,…

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  • 10/09/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Meet New Chiropractic Intern Alex

    Alex Barone loves to connect with patients and teach them about their health. “My favorite thing about working with patients is that I get to use my hands to restore function and actually feel changes in people’s health.” Alex was planning to become a surgeon, but realized it didn’t align with her values. Alex believes…

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  • 07/23/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Meet Chiropractic Intern Anne Etonga

    I love being able to meet new people and get them feeling better. Currently a 13 quarter chiropractic student at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Anne is interning at Golden Chiropractic. In her training, Anne has performed physical, neurologic, and orthopedic examinations and other procedures. She has diagnosed and treated musculoskeletal conditions. She’s manipulated the…

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  • 06/25/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    7 Remedies for Menstrual Pain and Discomfort

    Many women have low back and abdominal pain during their period. Primary Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for menstrual cramps, is very common. Cramps can be disabling for women who also experience headaches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This can really add to the stress we feel when trying to keep our lives running.   While it’s tempting…

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  • 06/25/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Visit Our Golden Chiropractic Team Store

    So Excited to Offer Runners and Cyclists Merchandise from Jakroo 

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  • 06/11/2020 - Goldi Jacques-maynes
    2020 — the Year We Wake Up

      The recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are tragic events. Tragedies that are not isolated events, but three of many in a long series of injustices. We are seeing, yet again, the laying down of another layer of the prejudice that supports the systemic racism that built our country. The…

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  • 05/27/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Wait, there’s a thing called COVID-TOES? Yep, I’m adding Covid-Toes to the symptoms list. Chiropractors are Essential Service Providers, so I’ve been seeing patients throughout the entire shelter-in-place order. I’ve also been carefully monitoring the literature for information on clinical presentations for Covid-19 in primary care.  In addition to what we know, the virus has…

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  • 04/14/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Hugging during Social Distancing Studies show that hugs have a very powerful effect on our brains and help us achieve a state of relaxation and comfort, while allowing us to better deal with stress and fear.  Hugs can help calm the nervous system, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.  During this time of Social Distancing I…

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  • 04/08/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    At Golden Chiropractic, we’re here to support your health. We’ve always prioritized your health and well-being above all else. That’s why we are closely following the guidelines set by the CDC. Dr. Goldi is now wearing a Cloth Face Covering during treatment times. Click here for CDC  advice on the use of Cloth Face Coverings to…

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  • 04/07/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Outbreaks can be stressful. Fear and anxiety can be such overwhelming feelings. We all react differently to stressful situations. And the way you react today, may not be how you react tomorrow.  Signs of stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include: Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your…

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  • 03/18/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    “KEEP CALM” is generally good advice, but sometimes it’s nearly impossible to stay calm, especially in times of crisis and emergency. Our daily lives already place stress on us , and when the outside world adds to that stress, we can suffer from anxiety, depression, and other stress-related illnesses like headaches and heart problems. Stress…

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  • Alex cleaning the chiropractic table
    03/15/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Concerned about Coronavirus? We’ve got your back!

    With the current news about the corona virus, we know that you have a lot of questions on your mind.


    We'd like to help alleviate any concerns you may have about your health. We've always been here for you, and we'll continue to prioritize your health and well-being with strict cleaning protocols.



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  • Girls feet and legs in soccer attire getting ready to kick a soccer ball
    02/27/2020 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Teens, Tweens and Foot Pain: Is It Sever's Disease?

    As a mother of two VERY active teenagers, I know about those “growing pains” and sports-related injuries. As parents, we can prioritize helping our kids prevent injuries as a form of self-care. What we can’t do is speed up the natural development of their biomechanics. This is why growing teens are especially susceptible to Sever’s disease.


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  • 02/13/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Darlene is Bringing Her Massage Skills Back to Golden Chiropractic

    Who doesn’t love a come-back? I know I do, especially when it’s the amazing Darlene Ocampo who is coming back to Golden Chiropractic. Darlene worked with me at the Golden Chiropractic clinic from 2014-2016. She left us for a while to grow in her massage skills, knowledge, and experience. During that time, Darlene — provided…

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  • 01/30/2020 - LEAVE A COMMENT

    You may have heard, you may not have heard. Word spreads fast in a small community. My son Chase was injured on 1/18/20 while riding his mountain bike up at UCSC. He has a concussion, fractures in both his arms, and a fracture in his skull. After four days in the hospital, he was released…

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  • 01/16/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    How do Affirmations Work? Affirmations work by stimulating the areas in our brains that make us more likely to affect positive changes for our health. Just as doing repetitive exercises improves physical health, affirmations improve our mind. Positive affirmation repetitions can change our thinking patterns. Eventually, we begin to think and act in healthier ways.…

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  • 01/16/2020 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    We are optimizing the patient experience to make it easier for you. For most of us, online booking simplifies daily life. Here at Golden Chiropractic, we want to focus on getting you back into life as painlessly as possible, so we’re updating to a simpler management system. You can now schedule appointments online, pay your…

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  • runner clutching knee in pain
    12/20/2019 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Ice or Heat for Injuries? It Depends.

    We’ve seen ice used for injuries during sports events for much of our lives. Ice has been the traditional go-to for almost as long as I can remember. But ice is not always the best answer for your injury as you go through the healing process. Sometimes heat is better. Sometimes neither heat nor ice is the answer. Sometimes it's best to use both. 


    The question you need to ask yourself (or better yet, your chiropractor, sports medicine doctor, or physical therapist) is, “Will ice help me or hurt me?” The answer depends on the cause of your pain and the best course of treatment for your specific circumstances.


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  • 12/06/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Like most healthcare providers, we want to focus on what’s best for you. Overtime, we have seen a relationship between simplifying our operations and delivering a higher quality of care. To maintain this higher quality of care, we’ve made a decision about insurance providers. We will improve patient care by limiting the number of insurance…

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  • 08/15/2019 - DUSTIN MARLOW

    There are 3 common reasons for triathlete’s susceptibility to injury — inflexibility, inadequate range of motion, and inadequate stability. You can reduce your odds of injury with a specific exercise routine for triathlete self-care. These 5 exercises increase your flexibility, range of motion, and stability.  Shoulder exercises to help prevent and rehab rotator cuff tendonitis.…

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  • 07/18/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Ashley chose Dr. Goldi as her mentor, so she’ll be working in our office for a while. We asked Ashley a few questions to help you get to know her better. Update! Ashley graduated in September from Palmer, just like me! She is a board certified and California licensed chiropractor. Ashley’s working here to learn the…

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  • 06/26/2019 - DUSTIN MARLOW

    Here in Santa Cruz County we have a great climate for Triathlon training. We can run at Big Basin, Nisene Marks, and West Cliff Drive. We can swim around the Wharf in Capitola. We can bike in many beautiful places — on dirt or on pavement.  Triathletes need to train a lot, and there are…

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  • 05/24/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Hemp has been a wellness tool for thousands of years. What the ancients knew from observation, we now have science to explain. It’s the way hemp works chemically with the human body. The body creates compounds called endocannabinoids, while hemp produces phytocannabinoids. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) maintains human health and function. Scientists believe that its…

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  • woman joyfully lifting her baby on the beach at sunset
    05/24/2019 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Herniated Disc Treatment: Get Back Into Life Faster

    I have frequent pain in my lower back and leg due to a herniated disc at my L5 vertebrae on the left. As a mother of two and an avid skiier, staying active is important to me. As a business owner and doctor of chiropractic, I can't let pain keep me from serving my patients. When shooting pain in my leg from gardening happens during busy clinic weeks, my herniated disc feels almost like a disability.


    The pain is debilitating. Not being able to perform my work without pain is stressful. Experiencing this pain again and again throughout my life is frustrating. That’s why I get regular adjustments to manage and prevent my herniated disc pain.


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  • 05/22/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Many people are motivated after the holidays to cleanse. They want to clear out the sweet, rich food and drinks like alcohol and hot chocolate. While this is a great time to cleanse, spring is an even better time. Spring is connected to the Liver. In Chinese Medicine we think of each season in…

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  • 05/09/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    I don’t know a woman who doesn’t struggle to balance motherhood, marriage, work, exercise, and eating right.   The pressure to achieve expertise in every area of our lives leads to internal and external disharmony. Overwhelm, guilt, and exhaustion are the only things we end up achieving. The truth is, work-life balance is a myth.…

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  • man sitting on beach looking at the ocean
    04/25/2019 - Dr. Dustin Marlow
    What's that Pain in My Groin?

    Pain radiating from the mid back which wraps around the waist and travels towards the groin could be Maignes Syndrome. Patients with this condition also tend to experience pain in the lower back, hip, and groin.


    Maignes syndrome can be worrisome for patients. No one wants to experience pain in their groin area! Luckily it doesn’t present any real danger to the groin. But, it can cause some pelvic floor issues which need to be addressed.


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  • 04/10/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Is pain holding you back in life? Are you avoiding activities you once enjoyed because of pain? Do you miss gardening, being active with your family, running, or riding a bicycle? Are you afraid you’ll not be able to enjoy life again, because of your pain? The good news is that pain can be managed.…

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  • young family out on a hike together
    03/29/2019 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Don’t Let Plantar Fasciitis Stop You From Enjoying Life

    When plantar fasciitis hits, it puts a full stop on your favorite activities. The nagging discomfort and being unable to move the way you want to can add a lot of frustration to your life. When plantar fasciitis starts getting in the way of your routine, you'll need to take it easy and deal with it. Keeping plantar fasciitis pain in check and safely getting back to your routine is where chiropractic can really help.


    While you may not think of chiropractic for foot problems, we actually do treat plantar fasciitis successfully. 


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  • Man with a prosthetic leg in wetsuit stretching in a forward fold on the beach
    03/14/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    5-Minute Warm-Up for Injury Prevention

    Do you love to get outside and play? Are you a swimmer, cyclist, hiker, gardener, surfer, or trail runner? Maybe you love to hit the gym or train for more traditional sports like football or soft ball? We all know that all this exercise is great for our health, but it also increases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. You can decrease the risk of injury by adding a quick warm-up to your exercise routine.


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  • Woman in gym using her fitness watch
    03/01/2019 - DUSTIN MARLOW
    What Should I Track with my Fitness Watch?

    Everyone’s using fitness tracking these days, and that’s a good thing. We love it when our patients tell us they are paying attention to their health. You can track many, many, MANY things with a fitness watch. At our Golden Chiropractic office, patients ask questions about what to track and why. Here's what we recommend:


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  • 02/13/2019 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    It’s easy to stop paying attention to your fitness. Life events tend to impact on our time. Our physical activity and our diets often get shoved aside. Long commutes, a new child, sedentary jobs mean less mountain biking and beach running. These life events often lead to weight gain. Significant weight gain has potential…

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  • 12/11/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    We want to give you the incredible chiropractic experience that you deserve. Golden Chiropractic has been committed to providing the highest level of care since 2008. We want to keep this commitment to all of our patients, now and into the future. Patients seek care with us because we provide expert, evidence-based, and individualized care.…

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  • 11/29/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Flu Season? Good Habits Will Keep You Healthy

    It’s that time of year, again! Sore throats. Coughs. Runny noses. Or worse—moderate flu complications like sinus and ear infections. Some patients even suffer from serious flu complications like pneumonia. 

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  • 11/24/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Community Acupuncture Night to Support Lungs

     While the air quality is bad, support and protect your lungs with acupuncture and herbs.   Tuesday, November 27 and December 4 6pm – 8pm Golden Chiropractic 9053 Soquel Drive, Aptos RSVP for Community Acupuncture  

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  • 11/15/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Vitamin D—you Need It for Winter Health

    Vitamin D is an essential nutrient. It helps the body to absorb calcium, which promotes bone growth. Strong bones keep you moving and living life. The body produces its own stores of vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light. Most people just need 5 to 10 minutes of  UVB and UVA sunlight—without sunscreen—to synthesize vitamin…

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  • 10/25/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    They’re Your Benefits—use Them for Chiropractic Services

    It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins, gifts, parties, and the end of opportunities to use your health care benefits. Things change on January 1st. Start planning to use your benefits in the next few months, before they’re gone. Deductibles reset, plans change. If you’ve been putting off taking care of your health all year,…

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  • 09/27/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Getting to the Point of the Pain

    by Carmen McIntyre, LAc   Last month I attended a three day acupuncture seminar in Oakland where I learned about using Master Tung points. I’m excited and inspired about Master Tung points as a treatment for my patients. What Are Master Tung Points? Tung’s acupuncture is a complete system. It includes its own channels, unique…

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  • 09/22/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Community Acupuncture for Back to School Bugs

    by Carmen McIntyre LAc My daughter was back to school for no less than 2 weeks and BAM! She got a head cold.  Luckily it was mild with no fever or missed school days.  I used herbs, supplements, healthy food and acupuncture to ensure a quick recovery. My daughter had no lingering or secondary symptoms.…

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  • 09/12/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    What Do You Need to Know About Sunscreen Safety?

    Non-Harmful Sunscreen is Best Sunscreen use has risen. That’s great news! Protecting your skin from harmful sun rays can save your life.   The problem, though, is most conventional sunscreen products. These chemical sunscreens typically use one or more harmful chemicals. These chemicals include oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate.  Some Sunscreens Cause Problems, Disrupting…

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  • 09/06/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Patients Ask, We Deliver! Dr. Goldi just created an account with Biotics Research for ordering nutritional supplements. Dr. Weinstein retired in March and has since referred many of his former patients to Golden Chiropractic. We will be carrying their products based on many requests from Dr. Weinstein’s patients. An online patient ordering option is available…

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  • Dr Goldi applying rockpods to a patient's back neck and upper neck
    08/21/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    RockPods for Myofascial Cupping

    Cupping therapy has many benefits, that's why all of our healthcare professionals offer it. If you need relief from: 

    • painful trigger points
    • painful muscle tension
    • limited mobility and range of motion

    cupping may help. If we believe cupping would help you, we'll apply RockPods — silicone cups that stick to your skin to help relieve your pain and soreness, as well as improve your range of movement.


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  • surfer's leg popping out of the water while the rest of their body and surfboard get tumbled by the surf
    06/22/2018 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    How Does Chiropractic Help with Whiplash?

    Whiplash isn’t just caused by car crashes.

    Whiplash comes from any motion causing your head to forcefully and quickly move backward and then forward. This motion often injures bones, discs, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and other tissues of the neck and spine.


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  • 05/22/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Why is Rocktape So Cool?

    Back when I was in chiropractic school, I attended a conference. Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor was there introducing us to the benefits of using kinesiology tape. For those who don’t know, that’s what RockTape is – kinesiology tape. He used it with the professional cyclists for treating repetitive strain on the knees and IT bands. One One of my fellow students had an enormous bruise from being hit by a football. We applied the tape, and after 3 days, the bruise had disappeared. It left an impression on me, for sure. It was magic...

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  • 04/12/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Do Vacations Make You Healthier and Happier? Science Says, “yes!”

    Having just returned from spring break in Bear Valley with my kids, I have to say, “Yes! We NEED vacations!” Away from daily stress, being completely present with my family, skiing – it felt good. Many in my community agree that vacation is good for you, too. When I asked my Facebook friends,  “What are the health benefits of taking a vacation?” many responded with their beliefs about taking planned breaks:

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  • Dr. Goldi with a foam roller
    03/09/2018 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Exercises to Ease Shoulder and Neck Pain

    Today’s technology-centered lifestyle is killing our necks and shoulders.

    Our desktop computers and mobile devices are giving us pain. Add in a long commute, and our bodies begin to show negative symptoms. We begin to experience conditions associated with poor posture and improper weight distribution. Shoulder impingement and text neck, are two prime examples. 


    The good news: We can use movement to counteract the negative effects of technology and car use.

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  • 02/28/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Cbd Clinic Pro Sport Pain Stick

    Introducing the All-New PRO SPORT Pain Stick   CBD CLINIC™ is the first and only family of FDA-registered Topical Pain Relief Ointments & Creams combining cannabidiol (CBD) and pain-relieving ingredients. Our most popular and powerful ointment is now available in a convenient twist-bottom tube applicator! $80 The CBD CLINIC PAIN STICK is 30 grams of…

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  • 02/27/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Mindful Eating Group Program

    Do you find yourself eating mindlessly? Do you turn to food for comfort? Are your food cravings controlling you? Do you beat yourself up over unhealthy food choices? Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to start to change unhealthy eating habits? If any of these sound familiar, my Mindful Eating Group Program is…

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  • man clutching his shoulder with a pained look on his face
    02/21/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Do you have a pinched nerve, or shoulder impingement?

    Many of our patients experience shoulder pain and limited shoulder movement. They often describe the pain as a pinched nerve. When they come in to see us, we frequently diagnose the condition causing the pain as Shoulder Impingement.


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  • 02/06/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Breathing for Pain Relief

    Use Your Breath to Protect Your Back Low back pain: almost everyone has felt it and been frustrated by it. The good news is that there are some simple and effective ways to mitigate and prevent it. Belly breathing is one effective technique for relieving anxiety, stress, pain or tension. 


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  • 01/26/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    5 Words to Change My Life

    Everyday we decide how our day will go, whether it’s by making a conscious choice, or just reacting to what happens. I choose to make conscious choices. I declare my intentions. Then I write them down, and review them daily.  Words Guide Our Intentions My overarching word for the year: Alignment. I want to look…

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  • 01/25/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Intentions Succeed Where Resolutions Fail

    New Year’s Resolutions often go like this: I’m overweight. I need to go on a diet. I join a gym and go five days a week for the first two weeks. I feel guilt and shame when I fall off course. I eat three slices of pizza instead of just one. I feel like a…

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  • 01/02/2018 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Yoga for Low Back Pain

     Low Back Yoga: Easy Breath and Stretching Techniques for Easing Low Back Pain with Ashlee Tatum Thursday, March 15th  at 6:00pm Low Back Class is designed to relieve pain in the low back through accessible breath and movement techniques. It will give you tools you can use throughout your day to encourage ease…

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  • 12/30/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Our Top 5 Health Articles From 2017

    I get the inspiration to write on certain topics from my patients.  I believe that reflecting on where we’ve been, what we’ve chosen, and how it affected us is the starting point for making decisions for the healthiest tomorrow.  It’s my goal as a health care provider to treat the whole person, so I look…

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  • 12/13/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Do You Have Health Insurance Benefits You’re Not Using?

    Health insurance. Ugh. No one likes thinking about it. Especially during the holiday season. I’m sorry to tell you, though, you should think about it. Right now. It’s the end of the year, and you may have benefits you’ll lose on January 1st! Think about it. Are You Taking Advantage of Your Deductible? The deductible,…

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  • 11/30/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Self-care: a Mindset for Authentic Growth and Happiness

    What Self-Care REALLY Means Self-care is a way of life for me. Chiropractic adjustments, nourishing food, and long walks are a regular part of my week. But self-care for me also means self-love, self-improvement, and self-healing. I work to ensure the most authentic, aligned version of me shows up in the world. Self-care means getting…

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  • woman lying in bed, clutching her neck in pain while her partner sleeps peacefully
    11/08/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Acquired Torticollis—Aka: Crick in the Neck

    Waking up with a neck that can't move is scary.

    Have you ever woken up with an intense spasm in your neck, or pain when you try to move your neck? The cause of your limited mobility could be Acquired Torticollis—otherwise known as "crick in the neck."


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  • Dr Michaela demonstrates the perfect pillow fit
    10/04/2017 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    The Best Pillow for Your Spine

    Do you suffer from neck pain and poor sleep? Do you find yourself trying a new pillow every few months? Still trying to find the "perfect" pillow?


    Do you know what makes a pillow perfect for YOU? We do! 


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  • young woman holding her hand to her jaw in pain
    09/18/2017 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Pain or Clicking in Your Jaw? It May Be TMJ

    Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, commonly called “TMJ,” cause not only aches and pains in your jaw, they can also cause a lot of frustration, anger, irritation, and sadness. TMJ and jaw pain can make it difficult to:

    • eat
    • speak
    • sleep

    The discomfort and limitations from TMJ disrupt your daily activities and make life much harder. Chiropractic care can help ease TMJ pain and improve the overall function of your jaw.


    Sometimes, chiropractic care is the solution for TMJ. It helps to understand the symptoms and the causes in order to identify the best treatment.


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  • group of children wearing backpacks leaping up together in the woods
    08/22/2017 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Protect Your Child’s Back Health With These Backpack Tips

    Many parents worry that their child’s backpack is too heavy. Heavy packs can lead to neck, shoulder and low back pain. Even worse, a backpack can lead to poor posture that will have long term effects on a child’s spine. 


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  • 08/11/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Your Health is an Investment

    How Does Your Fee Structure Affect My Care?  At Golden Chiropractic, we simply don’t believe that an adjustment in isolation is best for long term health and wellness. We deliver Massage and/or Myofascial Release with your chiropractic adjustment. Releasing soft tissues eases the adjustment, and helps the results last longer.   Unfortunately, many insurance providers will…

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  • 08/09/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Why I Get an Adjustment Every Two Weeks for Regular Self-care

    I’ve learned the hard way what happens when I stop taking care of myself: I FEEL SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED! I feel overwhelmed because the expectations I put on myself are very high. When I start to get TOO BUSY. The first thing I always let go of without even noticing is my exercise routine. Then I skip an adjustment because I’m too busy catching up with other priorities.  Not far behind that comes take-out at a restaurant or just picking up tacos at the brewery...

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  • 08/09/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Anesthall Purple Cream

    Anesthall Topical Analgesic: We’ve Used This Over and Over and Over. Our Patients Love It! Advanced Pharmaceutics offers a product that helps to promote a pain free life. Anesthall Topical Analgesic is available as a pain relieving cream, and a pain relieving balm for use as a topical agent that temporarily relieves minor aches…

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  • 08/02/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Amy Jones, Chiropractic Intern

    We are thrilled that Amy will be with us, honing her skills and helping us grow. She will be shadowing Dr. Goldi in the clinic thru early September.  Make your appointment, or just drop by and say Hi to Amy.

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  • 07/26/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Work/life Balance is a Myth

    A patient recently shared with me that she was so overwhelmed she felt paralyzed, defeated and unsettled. She didn’t feel like a good wife, a good mother, or a good business owner. She was trying to do too much. She was doing a little bit of everything, and felt that nothing turned out as good as she wanted...

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  • 07/18/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    We All Get by With Help From Our Friends

    While my Chiropractic Assistant Heidi is on leave, I’d like to say THANKS to my friends who’ve stepped up and helped out at the front desk. My big lesson this summer is the Art of Asking for Help. So thank you to Yuan, Ingrid, Veronica, Mona, Amanda and Amy for your smiling friendly faces at…

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  • 07/12/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Pamela Cox, Functional Medicine Health Coach

    Pamela Cox is joining the Golden Chiropractic team, and boy, are we excited about having her in the clinic. In order for you to get to know Pamela, and understand how she can help you thrive, we’ve interviewed her. 

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  • man driving on a tree-lined road
    06/16/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    8 Tips to Ease Neck and Back Pain While Driving

    Daily commutes and long drives are hard on our bodies. Burning pain in the back of the neck and/or across the back of the shoulders is very common for those who drive a lot.

    The good news is that you CAN ease this pain, and work towards preventing it.

    To help, I've put together this list of 8 things you can do to avoid neck and back pain from driving.


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  • 06/16/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Ice Vs. Heat

    Do you know when to use…Heat vs. Cold? A good rule of thumb is to apply COLD to an acute injury. These injuries are typically sudden and may be accompanied by a sharp pain. H EAT can play a role in relieving pain and discomfort for chronic conditions such as arthritis and muscular tension. Using…

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  • 05/30/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Dr. Goldi is a Bike Ambassador

    Dr. Goldi is a Bike Ambassador for Ecology Action and supports Bike2Work Santa Cruz. Listen to her give you tips about giving yourself the opportunity to move your body everyday, and watch her family riding for health and happiness here. 

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  • Woman with really big bag hanging from her shoulder
    05/16/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    10 Ways to Save Your Spine from Supersized Purses

    Could your SuperSize Purse be giving you neck pain and musculoskeletal problems? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that great bag that carries everything is not good for your body. Big, heavy bags cause quite a few health issues.

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  • Dr. Goldi applying RockTape to a pregnant patient's belly
    05/02/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Chiropractic and RockTape Support Pregnancy

    Many of our pregnant patients say they feel more energized, get better sleep, and show up better in other areas of their life when they are adjusted regularly. They also feel better when they are getting support for their musculoskeletal system through proper taping techniques. 


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  • 05/01/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Healing Affirmation Card Workshop

    Harness the Power of your Mind to Heal Your Body Healing Affirmation Card WorkshopWednesday, Jan. 31, 6:30 to 8:30pmGolden Chiropractic9053 Soquel Drive, Aptos, (831) 291-3330 Affirmations are positive statements that help you to visualize, and believe in, positive changes to your life, health and career. During this workshop we will discuss ways to create affirmations…

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  • 04/23/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Cbd Clinic Topical Pain Relief

    “Doctors, professional athletes and other patients have reported truly amazing results.” Check out their website CBC CLINIC over-the-counter, non-prescription ointments and creams are FDA-registered, made in an FDA-registered facility. They have provided remarkable relief to NFL players, other professional athletes and patients across the US since its introduction to health & wellness professionals in early…

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  • 04/18/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Dr. Goldi’s Healthcare Philosophy and Journey

    At Golden Chiropractic our motto is, “Get Out of Pain and Back Into Life.” Getting back into life means different things for different people. For me it means being there for my family, enjoying physical activities outdoors, and giving my patients the best care possible.


    I like seeing happy families. I believe that when mom and dad are out of pain, the whole family is happier. My own family is important to me, so I really try to take care of myself. I want to be happy and healthy for my family and with my family. 


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  • 03/30/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    The Secret of Happiness

    We strive to be happy. We think being happy means getting what you want. But is getting what you want truly the secret to finding happiness? “Happy” Originally Meant “Lucky” Lucky enough to be prosperous, lucky enough to have sufficient wealth. Lucky enough to be pleased, and to be content. Historically, being happy meant having enough…

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  • 02/27/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES

    Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity. Perhaps this explains why we often hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve us. For this reason, I believe it’s important to check in with yourself occassionally, and make a conscious choice to:..

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  • 02/07/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    We Were Featured on Nick Trujillo’s “think Local!”

    Thanks Nick Trujillo for giving us the opportunity to tell Santa Cruz County locals that we value their health, and how we help alleviate back pain.

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  • 02/07/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy: a Lesson in Self-care

    In my practice I see a lot of stressed out women. As mothers, wives, educators, caretakers, entrepreneurs, and grandmothers, we give and give and give. And we often forget to nurture ourselves.  When time is short, and life gets busy, the first thing we tend to give up is our own self care...

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  • 01/31/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Choose Welless Over Pain and Live the Life You Love

    Call (831) 291-3330 or request an appointment online to get relief and achieve optimal health No matter your priorities, life is better when you feel good. To feel as good as you can, Golden Chiropractic offers chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and massage. We believe self-care is the best way to achieve a happy, balanced life. We’re here to help you start and stay on the road to a life well-lived...

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  • Woman bent over a park bench in severe back pain
    01/24/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Pinched Nerve? It's Likely Facet Joint Syndrome

    Patients often come creeping across the lobby. They cling to the counter, leaning towards any surface of security. These patients are unable to stand up straight. These patients are in a lot of pain. They often tell me they think they have a pinched nerve.


    But it's not a pinched nerve, it’s Facet Joint Syndrome.

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  • 01/10/2017 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Slow Down to Speed Up

    Last week I pushed “Pause” on life. I snuck away to the mountains for fresh tracks and precious family time. After the holiday season, I wanted January to be the un-busiest month of the year. I wanted to curl up by the fire and enjoy a good book. I wanted to binge watch something on…

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  • 12/01/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    100 Healthy Years Health Talk

    Join us March 7th at 6pm   Odds are, you’re going to live a long life, and we’d like to talk about planning for your best health. Join us March 7th at 6pm at Golden Chiropractic Office to Learn More Click Here to Let Us Know You’re Coming Dr. Goldi will be sharing her…

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  • 11/01/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    The Flu is Not a Season

    Your Body is a Healing Machine. We humans are set up to survive. Our bodies, for the most part, come equipped with a kind of wise defense system that protects us against invaders. Like all defense systems, it must be maintained under all conditions in order to function properly. This innate intelligence in your body…

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  • 10/27/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Keep Winter Chills Away With Bone Broth

    Fall Nutrition Means Bone Broth The high collagen content of bone broth supports gut health, which is crucial to immune function. That’s what we learned this month from Melissa Pereira Gelin MTCM, L.Ac., one of the acupuncturists who practice at our Golden Chiropractic clinic.   That’s what we love about our team here. All…

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  • 10/16/2016 - Goldi Jacques-maynes
    Bike to School. Bike to Work

    I’m passionate about promoting activities and organizations that promote healthy active lifestyles for families That is why I support Ecology Action‘s biannual Bike to School Day. I’ve been the on-site coordinator for seven years at Bradley Elementary School (where my children go to school).  I’ve enjoyed watching this program grow at Bradley. This fall we had a record…

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  • woman sitting at a computer, wincing with her hand on her lower back
    10/10/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    6 Tips to Help With Sciatica

    Desk jobs, binge watching, long commutes — it all adds up to some major health risks. Prolonged sitting is linked to several serious illnesses — various types of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Prolonged sitting also contributes to low back and leg pain, known as Sciatica.


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  • 09/21/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Is It Crazy That I’m Taking My Child to a Chiropractor?

    “My daughter has the weirdest sleeping positions. One day she woke up with horrible neck pain and she couldn’t move her neck. Dr. Goldi was able to get her in right away. Adjustments and gentle massage really helped.” Ingrid Becker. La Selva Beach, CA A mother asks, “Is it crazy that I’m taking my child…

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  • 09/07/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Transformation Means Committing to Change

    Because Our Motto is “Get Out of Pain and Back Into Life” My name is Dawn Weathersbee. I’ve known Dr. Goldi for years, because of bike racing, and particularly through involvement with Velo Bella about 10 years ago. Currently I create and edit blog, email, and social media content for Golden Chiropractic. As a result of…

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  • Dr. Michaela adjusting a pregnant patient
    08/23/2016 - Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes
    Chiropractic Helps You Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

    Many pregnant women suffer from low back pain, sciatica, neck tension, and even carpal tunnel. The good news is that chiropractic care is natural and safe before, during, and after pregnancy. Dr. Goldi herself was adjusted throughout her two pregnancies and found significant relief from low back pain and aches associated with a normal pregnancy. This kept her active and doing the work she enjoys, instead of being unhappy and uncomfortable. It can work for you, too.


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  • 08/11/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Relieve Pain, Move Easier, Feel Better, With Arleen

    We want to offer a huge welcome to Arleen Pietrzak CMT, CPT, who is joining the Golden Chiropractic team. Arleen enjoys helping people relieve pain and feel more comfortable through coaching, education, and body awareness sessions. Much like the Golden Chiropractic team, Arleen loves empowering people to take an active role in healing their…

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  • Man with RockTape H pattern on his neck and upper back
    08/10/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    How Does Rocktape Help With Text Neck?

    Text Neck is a common condition thanks to all the time we spend on our devices. Leaning forward for prolonged periods of time, looking at our phones, causes stress injuries. The poor posture associated with text neck can cause neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. As a culture, we need reminders to correct our posture.


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  • 07/28/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Let Us Know When Things Change

    Can’t Make Your Appointment? We Need to Know Effective June 1, 2016  24 Hour Appointment Cancellation Policy Golden Chiropractic has a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If you miss, cancel, or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice of the time of the appointment, you will be charged a fee of $25 payable at…

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  • 07/28/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Golden Chiropractic: an Internal Culture of Wellness

    Veronica Romero is the face you see at the front desk when you visit Golden Chiropractic. When asked by our marketing consultant, DAWN WEATHERSBEE, about her favorite things about working at Golden Chiropractic, Veronica shared that what she loves most about working in our Aptos offices is the culture we have created:

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  • 07/27/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Summer Fun is Good for You

     I’m learning to stand on my head.   Thanks CrossFit Aptos… …for Re-introducing Me to My Core! Last week the mountains were calling…and after many, many attempts I did do a proper headstand. I’m always telling you to work out, take care of yourself, eat properly.  You know why? Because it just makes time with…

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  • 07/13/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Dr. Goldi’s Summer Self-care Tips

    Summer is in full swing, and it’s a time of year when we have the opportunity to relax, play outdoors, and generally reconnect to family and ourselves at a more leisurely pace.   Dedicating time to enjoying the long daylight hours and more inviting weather should be a top priority for self-care. Take advantage…

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  • 06/01/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Belly Breathing – for a Happier Version of Me

    Simple Meditation, Wherever, Whenever Three years ago when I was in a significant amount of pain following a back injury I turned to this practice of breathing as a natural way to cope with my pain. Belly breathing is an effective technique that can be used to calm yourself if you experience suffering in life…

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  • 05/28/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Stronger Core: Do It Like a Bug!

    Who knew that when those bugs were on their backs, running their legs in the air, they were getting stronger abs? 

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  • 05/27/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    We Take Our Joy Seriously

    Laughter is Just Part of Our Medicine We are here first and foremost to make you feel great so you can get back out there. We probably laugh so often because we take our own medicine: regular body work, proper nutrition, and regular exercise. If we’ve made you feel good: you’re finding more laughter in…

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  • 05/23/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Upcoming Office Closures

    Self-Care is Important for Care-Givers Too! We never get tired of telling our patients that self-care is not selfish. Well, now it’s time for us to take care of ourselves and bond with our families, too.   We Will Be Closed the Following Days: Memorial Day, May 30th June 6-10th   Call us at 831-291-3330…

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  • 05/23/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Women’s Health & Lifestyle Expo

    Rock Tape, Fish Oil, Chair Massage and Lucky Winners! We had a great time at the 8th Annual Women’s Health & Lifestyle Expo hosted by Dominican Hospital, Physicians Medical Group (PMG) and Dignity Health Medical Group – Dominican. We featured our new Spin To Win wheel and had a chance to meet lots of new…

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  • man laying uncomfortably in bed wondering if he needs a new mattress
    05/04/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    7 Signs You May Need a New Mattress

    We've talked before about how sleep quality relates to pain intensity. As a reminder, poor sleep leads to more intense pain, being in a bad mood, and diminished capacity to function overall. One of the biggest culprits stealing a good night's sleep is a bad mattress.


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  • 04/29/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Wow! What a Difference!

    We’re Glad We Made A Difference for Sydney If we’ve made you as happy as we’ve made Sydney, please click on Sydney’s review to leave a review, too!   Great reviews keep us delivering great service to the community! 

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  • 04/27/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Self-care Takes Me Everywhere

    Choose to Become Stronger: Life is More Fun! I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. The pain of NOT doing anything. Not exercising. Not taking time for myself. Not making myself a priority became worse than the pain of actually just doing it. Going for it. Trying something new. I tried skiing…

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  • 04/21/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    We Love Rock Tape!

    We LOVE Rock Tape!                   Darlene and Dr. Goldi Attended a Class on FMT Movability Last Sunday 

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  • Happy pain-free mornings begin with your mattress and pillow.
    04/14/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Pillows, mattresses, and pain – they are all related.

    A 2018 study found that, "Sleep quality appears related not only to pain intensity but also to a wide range of patient mood and function factors." In other words, when you don't get a good night's sleep, your pain is worse, and so is your mood. You also can't function as well. While you may have already known that, did you know that the type of back pain you experience should be considered when you go to buy a bed or a pillow?


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  • 04/06/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Need Relief for Back Pain? Consider Your Mattress

    The simple answer is: buy the best mattress you can afford.   You spend ⅓ of your life sleeping. Skimping on your mattress can be bad for your health because and an uncomfortable night’s sleep robs you of energy and may be one of the causes of back and neck pain. Changing your mattress could

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  • 04/05/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Detoxify in 21 Days

    Spring Cleanse at Golden Chiropractic Detoxify in 21 Days Health Classes & Group Detox Monday, April 18 @ 6:30pm Learn about the 21 Day Purification Program and how to make it fun, effective and a life changing experience! Reserve your spot now! 831-359-6286 Led by Carmen McIntyre, L.Ac, AWC

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  • 04/05/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Golden Chiropractic Offers More to Santa Cruz County

    Golden Chiropractic Offers More to Santa Cruz County Having completed one year in it’s new Aptos, California location, Golden Chiropractic has come to know how best to relieve pain and stress for its chiropractic patients and massage clients. Wanting to offer the best treatments, Golden Chiropractic has decided to offer acupuncture this year. We are…

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  • 03/28/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    One Year and Thriving!

     I am Blessed with My Staff and My Patients! This month marks the Golden Chiropractic one year anniversary of our move to Aptos.  I remember lookng into the eyes of my staff, asking them to have faith in our practice, and to move with me. We got a new logo,…

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  • 03/28/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Where Will You Take Your Hydration?

    Sue Smythe is Taking Her Healthy Habits on the Road

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  • 03/24/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Spring Cleanse With Carmen Mcintyre

     Call (831) 359-6286 to Receive Accupuncture with Carmen Spring is the most ideal time to cleanse because all the momentum to bring new life, new growth and warmer days, gives us motivation to clean up and move forward. Use the natural momentum of the season to give your body what…

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  • 03/21/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    You’re in Pain, and It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

    You’re in Pain, and It Doesn’t Have to be That Way   I get that your body hurts.   I get that you don’t bounce back from those mountain bike crashes like you used to. I get that it doesn’t feel good when you wake up, that rolling out of bed causes lower back pain  that it’s hard to tie your shoes because your spine just doesn’t bend that way anymore. I feel your pain when you describe the dull ache in the small of your back, the sharp pain in your hip when you bend over or twist. I’ve felt the sharp stabbing pain of a rib out of place. Neck pain, low back pain, and shoulder impingement pain. I’ve had all of that...

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  • 03/17/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Golden Chiropractic Welcomes Carmen Mcintyre,

    Call (831) 359-6286 to Receive Accupuncture with Carmen Carmen’s message for Golden Chiropractic Patients: I’m so happy to be joining the Golden Chiropractic team! It’s an honor to be part of this bright, talented, and positive group of people. Being in a setting with various…

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  • 03/14/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Reverse Fly to Reduce Pain and Gain Strength

    Reverse Fly to Reduce Pain and Gain Strength   More Strength and Less Pain for Cyclists, Commuters, and Desk Jockeys                   People who sit in desk jobs for long periods of time can experience burning pain in the upper back due to improper posture and…

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  • 03/04/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Strengthening for the Weight on Your Shoulders

     For Cyclists, Commuters, and Desk Jockeys that Feel Pain in the Upper Body                     Sitting for long periods of time bent over our desks, steering wheels, or handlebars can create upper back pain, severe neck pain, and shoulder pain.  A solution to this often burning pain…

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  • 02/29/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Rock Your Pelvis for Reduced Low Back Pain

    Rock Your Pelvis for Reduced Low Back Pain Rock Out the Pain So You can Rock On! The way we live today, sitting long hours at the computer, or driving long hours for work or to deliever the kids to their activities, can lead to lower back pain. Pregnant women also experince a lot of…

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  • Fatigued mom trying to work on computer while her kids run around out of control
    02/18/2016 - Dr. Goldi Jacques Maynes
    Stress Less for Better Health

    Stress is an inevitable part of life. Demanding jobs, loved ones that need our attention, traffic, overly packed schedules — stress really can’t be avoided. The truth is, stress will always be here. Keeping stress at a moderate or tolerable level at times can seem impossible.


    The only real solution to stress is learning to avoid it or react positively to it.


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  • 01/25/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Set Your Intentions – Then Make a Plan

    Set Your Intentions – Then Make a Plan                     Call (831) 263-1324 to Make Your First Appointment of the New Year.   “If you are clear about your goals and take several steps in the right direction every day, eventually you will succeed. So decide…

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  • 01/12/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Avoid Headaches

    Knowing what gives you a headache will help you prevent getting one.  I often see my patients come in with recurring headaches. A main focus of my practice is helping my patients identify the causes of their pain so they can increase their chances of avoiding it. Here are some tips that have helped my patients who suffer from recurring headaches. Stay…

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  • 01/12/2016 - GOLDI JACQUES-MAYNES
    Chiro Benefits: Use It or Lose It

    Chiro Benefits: Use it or Lose it. As we get closer to the end of the year a lot of companies tend to change the health plans they offer. You may have chiro benefits now and you may not begining Jan 1st.  Don’t forget that even though your calendar year deductible has been met this  it will reset on January 1st...

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