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8 Tips to Ease Neck and Back Pain While Driving

Daily commutes and long drives are hard on our bodies. Burning pain in the back of the neck and/or across the back of the shoulders is very common for those who drive a lot.

The good news is that you CAN ease this pain, and work towards preventing it.

To help, I've put together this list of 8 things you can do to avoid neck and back pain from driving.


1. Adopt good driving posture.

Good posture is essential for a healthy back. Click here for more on the ergonomics of good driving posture.


2. Support your head.

You have a head rest for two reasons. One, to support your head. Two, in the event of an accident, the headrest prevents your head from whipping backwards. The headrest is there to prevent life threatening and painful injuries, so make sure it connects with the mid part of the back of your head.


3. Support your low back.

If you have a built-in adjustable lumbar support, use it to fill the small of your back. You can also use a pillow, or even jam your hoodie behind your back. You might also consider buying a lumbar support cushion specifically made for supporting your lower back.


4. Adjust your mirrors.

Make sure you have a wide field of view so you don’t have to move your head or twist your body as much.


5. Avoid eye strain.

Wear glasses, clean your windshield, and use sunglasses. Not craning your head forward trying to see helps prevent straining your neck while driving.


6. Choose to cruise.

When possible, utilize your Cruise Control. This gives your body a slight break from the active posture of driving.


7. Take a break.

If you feel pain, stiffness or sharp pain, pull over. Give your body a break. Make some of the adjustments suggested above, and make sure you get to your destination safely and pain-free.


8. Avoid driving on bad roads.

Bumpy roads cause a lot of vibrations that can jerk your body, causing increased pain.

Sometimes our lives require us to drive a lot. While you may have to drive for longer distances, or longer periods of time, you don't have to be in pain. Follow some of the tips above to experience less pain and discomfort.


Feeling some driving-related neck or back pain? We can get you out of pain and design a treatment plan to help keep you out of pain.


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