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Golden Chiropractic is a female owned and family-operated clinic focused on serving women and their families.


As chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, we treat conditions at every life stage: from prenatal through post-menopause.

Enjoy a Supportive Team

We’re proud of the relationships we have with our colleagues, our patients and ourselves.


These relationships are built on clinical expertise, genuine empathy, and dedication to getting and staying healthy.

Look Forward to Coming to Work

We genuinely love coming into the clinic to care for our patients and to support our colleagues. 


Sound like the work environment you're looking for? Maybe we're a fit.


Check out our core values and ideal candidate profile to learn more. 

Who We're Looking For

We employ Associate Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Front Office Staff

Job Descriptions

Associate Chiropractor Massage Therapist

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Our Core Values


We succeed in providing high-quality patient care by upholding these core values:


Take great care of patients.

We go above and beyond the clinical aspects of providing care. Building quality, lifelong relationships with our patients (and their families) is our goal.

Take care of business.

Our team members take great care of patients, and handle the business end of patient care. We are self-sufficient pros who love to keep our clinic functioning at a high-level, and we each do our part.


Take care of ourselves.

We take responsibility for our own self-care, and communicate when we need help or to take a break. When burnt-out, stressed, or sick, we're here for each other, and for the business.


Deepen our professional practice.

We serve multi-generational families and people who want to stay active for a lifetime. Our licenses, specializations and certifications reflect the expertise that helps our patient-base thrive.


Have fun.

There's a reason patients include our laughter and joy in their online reviews. We enjoy what we do, and working with other like-minded healthcare providers.


Our Ideal Candidate

If these values and principles resonate with you, chances are you’ll love working here:

You believe in helping the body heal.

You understand the power of evidence-based, natural healing modalities.


Becoming a better and better healer is what gets you out of bed in the morning.


You treat the whole person.

You are not only clinically skilled, but also compassionate and empathetic.


You're a good listener, capable of providing clinical expertise, human connection, and emotional support.


You embrace inclusivity and acceptance.

You treat every patient with respect, understanding, and without judgment.


It’s important to you that everyone feels valued and comfortable in our care.


You enjoy contributing positively to your team.

You show compassion and respect to your team members.


You understand the value of taking ownership of your mistakes, and generously sharing your expertise.


You practice healthy self-care.

You respect yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


You avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, and substance abuse.


You love showing up for your patients.

You value your patients’ and colleagues’ schedules enough to be on time for meetings and appointments.


When life brings you an unexpected challenge, you communicate to make sure patients receive care.

If you feel you're a fit, we'd love to meet you. 

We're growing!

More openings coming soon.

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