Why I Get an Adjustment Every Two Weeks for Regular Self-care

I’ve learned the hard way what happens when I stop taking care of myself: I FEEL SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED! I feel overwhelmed because the expectations I put on myself are very high. When I start to get TOO BUSY. The first thing I always let go of without even noticing is my exercise routine. Then I skip an adjustment because I’m too busy catching up with other priorities.  Not far behind that comes take-out at a restaurant or just picking up tacos at the brewery...

Now my healthy eating habits are out the door, too!

If I keep ignoring SELF-CARE, then I begin to experience knots in my shoulders, or pain in my hands and arms. Jaw pain can come from clenching my teeth. Then there’s the fatigue from lack of sleep, and stiffness in my spine from the lack of regular spinal hygiene. Oh, then along comes weight gain from lack of exercise and poor diet! Maybe even numbness and tingling in my hands from too much work and not enough time working out the kinks that build from a busy practice of healing others.

I wake up and realize, “I’m in pain, I’m in a bad mood, and I’m letting my health decline. How can I make time to take care of my own needs when I have to take care of everyone else’s?

Heck. I don’t even know what my needs are!

When was the last time I did anything just to be gentle with myself? For the good of my family who loves me and needs me, I need to remember to make my own self-care a priority. Because when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Then I Book My Appointments for Chiropractic and Massage.

We all need to prioritize our self-care to remain functional and well. We need to clearly know what our body, mind, and spirit need. I know my body needs clean healthy food, daily movement, chiropractic adjustments every two weeks, and a massage once a month. I have a morning routine which includes writing in my journal, breathing quietly to calm my mind, and a nightly routine which includes a hot shower, a soak in my hot tub under the stars, and gentle stretching of my spine.

It’s not always easy to get back on track, but once I do, I see almost immediate changes in my attitude and wellbeing.

When the intensity of my lifestyle increases, I know I need to increase the intensity of my self-care.  
Have you been taking care of yourself?

Studies show that REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS really make a huge difference. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY.


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