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What's that Pain in My Groin?

Pain radiating from the mid back which wraps around the waist and travels towards the groin could be Maignes Syndrome. Patients with this condition also tend to experience pain in the lower back, hip, and groin.


Maignes syndrome can be worrisome for patients. No one wants to experience pain in their groin area! Luckily it doesn’t present any real danger to the groin. But, it can cause some pelvic floor issues which need to be addressed.


What causes Maignes Syndrome?

Maignes syndrome is caused by an impingement of the nerves that leave the mid back. Misalignment in the mid back region will cause the nerves to become irritated. This causes the radiating pain.


The symptoms pose little threat in most cases to the groin, you just happen to feel the pain in that region. Maignes Syndrome can be caused by being overweight, wearing really tight clothing, or lacking mid back motion.


How do we treat Maignes Syndrome?

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the nerves in the region. Adjustments also decrease inflammation, allowing the nerves to calm down and function properly. Exercise is then prescribed to restore proper function to the region.


How long does it take to get better from Maignes Syndrome?

Most patients see significant results quickly in treatment. In cases where weight is a key factor, symptoms may persist until weight loss occurs.


What can I do to avoid Maignes Syndrome?

Movement is key to maintaining musculoskeletal health. Making significant lifestyle modifications to achieve weight loss is good for overall health. So is exercise. Healthy weight and exercise are advised to avoid the pain of Maignes Syndrome, as well as to more fully enjoy life.


If you're worried or frustrated by groin pain, come see us in our Aptos clinic. Make an appointment with us online. 


Suspect that the pain in your groin isn't Maignes Syndrome? Learn more about other causes of hip and pelvic are pain here. 


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