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Stop the Damaging Stress Cycle with Belly Breathing

Life is stressful. 

These days it seems we are constantly bombarded with crises to handle and fires to put out. It can often seem like there are just not enough hours — or energy — to manage it all.

We’re all feeling more uncertain at this moment in history. With the hit of the pandemic and 24-hour news cycle, the world seems more unsafe, and more frightening, than it used to.


The neck, back, or shoulder pain we may be feeling from just working and managing our lives can add fatigue and tension. It's even more stressful when you've got an injury.


There may be relationship demands: sometimes coming from our jobs, sometimes from our kids, our spouses, or our parents. We can often feel pressure from all of these relationship stressors at the same time.  


We may be feeling financial stress as prices keep going up, and our go-tos for managing life are becoming less available. 


That’s a lot of stress to process, and it’s damaging our health. 

If we don’t process stress in a healthy way, that stress stays stuck in our bodies. If we continually fail to complete the stress response cycle, we run the risk of serious health conditions, like: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain

Stress can be released in many ways, but the easiest technique to access is Belly Breathing. 


Calm your nervous system immediately with Belly Breathing.

Belly Breathing is an effective technique for relieving anxiety, stress, pain or tension.

Deep, slow breaths downregulate the stress response — especially when the exhalation is long, slow, and goes all the way to the end of your breath. It’s a great way to siphon off a little pressure to get you thru a difficult situation.


It often just takes 1-3 deep belly breaths to complete the stress response cycle.

Taking a brief mindful moment to belly breathe when something stressful comes at you, or you feel anxious or tense will:

  • Calm down your Nervous System
  • Release tension in your body
  • ​Siphon off a little pressure 
  • ​Help you feel less stress
  • ​Help you sleep better
  • ​Help you feel happier
  • Give you pause to respond, rather than react
  • Promote your physical and mental health

If you start integrating Belly Breathing into your life, you’ll begin to feel a shift in your stress levels. You'll begin to connect to a sense of calm and peaceful wellness. Wouldn't it feel great to feel more calm and peaceful? 


I’ve made a Guided Belly Breathing Meditation for women who need support in caring for themselves. 

Are you a woman who could use some support in calming your Nervous System? I’ve made a free tool just for you. Download my guided meditation (linked below) to stop the damaging effects of stress and begin to take better care of yourself a little each day. 


As you may know, I am a self-care coach as well as a chiropractor. I help women take care of themselves so they don't burnout taking care of everyone else, first. You'll get my Guided Belly Breathing Meditation when you sign up for my self-care tips newsletter. My self-care tips newsletter will show you simple ways to feel less tension, stress, and anxiety, a little more each day. Ready to feel less stress and more energy?


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