Text Neck is an Injury You Can Avoid — Here's How

Text Neck is an overuse or repetitive stress injury from having your head hung forward and down for extended periods of time. As you move your head forward, its weight increases for every degree your ear moves in front of your shoulder.


Your head is a ten pound weight, but at 15 degrees of forward flexion, the weight of your head increases to nearly 30 pounds. Your neck is simply not made to hold this weight. Your body will react negatively to this forward tilt of your head

How does chiropractic treat Text Neck?

We use spinal manipulation (what we call adjustments) and soft tissue/manual therapy. We will also likely prescribe effective posture based exercises. 

How can I prevent Text Neck?

We find that patients who have the best long term relief from Text Neck:

  • get regular chiropractic adjustments
  • do their postural exercises
  • change the viewing angle of their device

It's best to take preventive action, to avoid long-term negative effects. If you're feeling pain associated with your device use, make an online appointment to begin treating your symptoms and get your neck back to health as soon as possible.

We recommend the chin tuck exercise as a remedy for text neck. You can do it at your computer, in your car, or anywhere.

Watch the video below to see how to correctly perform the chin tuck exercise.