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Proper Ergonomics Matter for Moms

From pregnancy to childbirth—and throughout the early years of nurturing a child—a mom’s body undergoes significant changes. 

Each stage—from carrying the extra weight during pregnancy to breastfeeding and caring for your little one—puts a strain on your body, especially your spine. 

Understanding and practicing proper ergonomics can profoundly impact your spinal health and overall well-being. This is why we're excited to share Episode 41 of the ChiroMom podcast. 


Dr. Goldi co-hosts the ChiroMom podcast with fellow chiropractor moms Dr. Sarah and Dr. Holly. These three chiromoms are passionate about helping moms stay out of pain. 

Episode 41 is packed with ergonomic tips specifically for moms. 


Pregnancy changes can cause postural issues.

Pregnancy is a time of rapid physical changes. 

As your belly and breasts grow, your center of gravity shifts, which can affect your posture dramatically. 

Your rib cage may expand, and even the size and arch of your feet can change. 

All these transformations require adjustments in how you carry yourself to maintain balance and avoid additional stress on your spine.


Post-pregnancy, everything is done differently.

The birth of your baby brings new challenges.


Daily activities like eating, working, and sleeping now include managing a tiny, fast-growing person.


Your new life will require modifications to protect your spine and posture. 


What Causes Postural Problems for Moms?

Weight shifts, hormonal changes, and improperly carrying weight all contribute to postural problems for moms.


Breast- and/or Chest-feeding

Both breastfeeding and chestfeeding can lead to shoulder, neck, and upper back pain if not done in the correct posture. 

In the podcast, we discuss how to select the right support pillows and adopt the best postures for you and your baby to minimize discomfort.


Caring for small children

The so-called “Mom posture”—characterized by rounded shoulders, a forward head position, and a frontward pelvic tilt—can become a painful and chronic issue. 

We offer tips on stretching, moving, and balancing your body to counteract the stress of day-long child care activities.


Improper bra fit for changing breasts and rib cages

As you move through different stages of motherhood, your bra size will change. This affects both your comfort and your spinal support. 

Our episode covers how to stay comfortable while maintaining adequate support for your breasts and spine.


Improper sleep posture

Proper sleep posture is crucial for your musculoskeletal health, yet difficult to achieve throughout pregnancy and into your child’s early years. 

The podcast discusses finding the best sleep positions, as well as using supports like wedges and pillows to enhance comfort and support for your hips.


Imbalanced child carrying

Frequent lifting and carrying of your child can cause back strain.


We discuss the importance of using the right baby carrier for safety and balance, which can make a significant difference in reducing your physical stress.


Motherhood shouldn’t be a painful experience.

If you're experiencing pain and discomfort, or just want to get ahead of potential mom-posture issues, make an online appointment with our chiropractors in Aptos.


We specialize in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care for moms. 


Listen to Episode 41 - The ChiroMoms Talk Ergonomics for Moms on Apple Podcasts 


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