Pregnant woman looking down smiling as she holds her belly

Webster Technique: Preventative Care for Pregnancy

Expectant moms feel pain and discomfort. Many moms-to-be suffer frequently from low back pain, pelvic joint pain, and groin pain. These pains come from the changes in a woman's body that occur with pregnancy.


As the body prepares for birth, connective and supportive tissues expand and contract rapidly and extensively. This causes tension, spasms, and pulling on nerve endings. The result is a body that's out of balance, and a mom who is feeling extremely uncomfortable.


With the Webster Technique, moms often feel instant waves of relief and calm.

I recently saw a patient who was 35 weeks pregnant. She was feeling the general aches and pains of the 3rd trimester. During her new patient exam I found a significant imbalance at her sacrotuberous ligament — the ligament that connects the sit bone to the tailbone.


I started to release the ligament and she instantly felt a release in her hip and around her entire belly. She said it felt like getting freed from being stuck in a tight sheet.


The Webster Technique gives the baby the space it needs.

The Webster technique is gentle and focuses on balancing mom’s pelvis. It is not a painful or forceful turning of the baby. It's a technique that balances the nervous system, pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments. This often helps the baby find the most optimal space for delivery.


Moms feel less pain from the pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments.

We start by assessing and treating the sacrum (tailbone). Then we assess the piriformis muscles (from the hips to the tailbone), and then the sacrotuberous ligament (attaches your sit bones to your tailbone).


Then we move onto the pubic bones (where they attach in the front), the psoas muscles (hip flexors), and the round ligaments (that support the uterus).


Mom's body functions more optimally.

When the pelvis is balanced the joints move freely, the muscles are strong but supple, and the ligaments release unnecessary tension. This usually results in less pain for mom, and ample room for the baby to move and find their best positions.


Expectant mothers can benefit right from the beginning.

The Webster Technique can be started as soon as mom knows she is pregnant, or even before she knows. The Webster Technique sets the pelvis up for a healthy pregnancy right from the start.


Webster can be started at almost any point in a pregnancy.

If you're feeling pregnancy related pain and discomfort, make an online appointment. The Webster Technique brings relief during most stages of pregnancy. We just don't recommend coming in for your first treatment a week before your due date — as it often takes a few treatments to see results.