Man with RockTape H pattern on his neck and upper back

How Does Rocktape Help With Text Neck?

Text Neck is a common condition thanks to all the time we spend on our devices. Leaning forward for prolonged periods of time, looking at our phones, causes stress injuries. The poor posture associated with text neck can cause neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. As a culture, we need reminders to correct our posture.


While we do treat Text Neck in our office, we're not with you all day, everyday, to remind you to correct your posture. That’s where RockTape comes in.


RockTape reminds you to stop slouching.

Using RockTape correctly will remind you to pick up your head. How does it work? RockTape begins to stretch as you begin to slouch. You feel a change in pressure on your skin, and that reminds you to return to a healthier posture.


Our modern lifestyle encourages pain and injury.

Sitting long hours; driving for long periods of time; hours, days weeks spent hunched over our devices — these all lead to pain and deterioration.


The simple solution: remind yourself to correct your posture.

We can show you how to tape your neck to help with correcting your posture. We recommend the neck H application to keep you out of pain.


Dr. Goldi is a certified RockDoc.

At your next appointment, ask her if RockTape could work help keep you out of pain. You can also set up your RockTape consultation appointment online.