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They're Your Benefits — Use Them for Chiropractic Services

Do you know how many chiropractic visits you have per year under your insurance plan? 

Many of our patients have plans with 20 visits per year. That means these patients likely have chiropractic coverage to use before they expire in the new year.


Start planning to use your chiropractic benefits in the next few months, before they're gone. 

Deductibles reset, plans change. If you've been putting off taking care of your health all year, make plans for self-care now. Examine how you can make the most of your healthcare coverage before January 1st.


If you haven't been in for a while, or still have visits left to utilize, call us!


Your Healthcare Coverage, HSAs, and Chiropractic

Do you know the advantages of using an HSA?

  • Many plans work with an HSA (aka health savings account)
  • HSAs are set up through your bank
  • HSAs are tax deductible, and they roll over. You never lose that money
  • Most HSAs cover chiropractic services


What Do HSAs Cover?

You can use HSA funds to reimburse yourself for any qualified medical expenses not covered by your insurance.

Eligible expenses can be things like hearing aids, psychological counseling, and chiropractic services. 

You may be able to buy items like — 

You may also be able to book other self-care services (massage anyone?) not normally covered by insurance.

Deductibles reset every year.

Deductibles reset in January. That's why we encourage people to use their benefits all they can NOW. Especially if you have already paid your deductible for the year.

Your deductible will reset with the New Year. Before your deductible resets, take advantage of this year's benefits. Don't put off your health. Make your appointments today. Use your benefits before you lose them.


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