This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles around the low back, particularly the abdominals, to help relive lower back pain. It is good for people with postural problems from sitting long hours and driving long hours which causes the pelvic muscles to become weak. It is also a great exercise for pregnant women.

  • Target Muscles Low back, abs, pelvis.

  • Action Desired Relieve low back pain.

  • Steps: 1) Starting Position: Lie on your back with your knees bent.

  • 2) “Brace” your stomach – tighten your muscles by pulling in and imagining your belly button moving toward your spine. You should feel like your back is pressing to the floor and your hips and pelvis are rocking back. Hold for about 6 seconds while breathing smoothly.

  • Repetitions Perform 8-12 reps, two times a day.

* if These Movements Cause Any Pain or Discomfort, Please Consult With Your Chiropractor.

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