​​Dead Bug is an exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles. The name is derived from the funny resemblance to a dead bug lying on its back with its legs in the air.   

  • Target Muscles Abdominal Muscles

  • Action Desired Strengthen abdominal muscles and improve cross crawl patterns

  • Steps: 1) Starting Position:Lie on your back, raise your legs so that your hips and knees are both bent 90 degrees. Your back should be naturally curved, your hips and upper back touching the floor with a slight arch in your low back. Keep your shoulders pressed into the ground and raise your arms so that they’re perfectly vertical and in line with your shoulders.

  • 2)Take in a big breath of air and then slowly straighten and lower your right leg down until it’s just above the ground. As you do, slowly blow out all the air in your lungs simultaneously lowering your left arm behind your head touching the floor while keeping it straight. Bring your right leg and left leg back to the start, and repeat on your left leg and right arm.

  • Repetitions 3 sets of 6-8 reps on each leg.

* if These Movements Cause Any Pain or Discomfort, Please Consult With Your Chiropractor.