Good movement to counter postural problems such as long hours sitting at a desk, slouching, and burning pain across the shoulders.

  • Target Muscles Chest, front of the neck and shoulder blade muscles.

  • Action Desired Decreasing forward head posture, pulling the scapula back, loosen up the pectoral muscles.

  • Exercise Movements Inhale, then exhale and gently lean in towards the wall. You should feel a gentle stretch in the pectoral muscles on your chest. Hold 10-30 seconds. Hold stretch just to a point where it feels challenging but causes no pain or discomfort. This is like doing a push-up on the wall. You may feel your shoulder blades “kissing” in the back.

  • Start Position Stand facing the corner. Place palms and forearms on opposite walls with elbows bent at a 90 degrees.

  • Repetitions 3-4 times in morning and at night.

* if These Movements Cause Any Pain or Discomfort, Please Consult With Your Chiropractor.

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