This is a postural exercise that helps restore normal head position on top of the spine, allowing the neck muscles to relax for it’s a great mini-break from prolonged computer use. Helpful for people who suffer from headaches, neck pain, burning pain across the shoulders and upper-back tension.

  • Target Muscles Deep Anterior Neck Flexors

  • Action Desired Decreasing Forward Head Posture, Decrease Compression of the Lower Neck Joints, Reducing the Cervical Curve.

  • Exercise Movements Look straight ahead, pull the chin back toward the neck. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds. This will cause an elongation of the neck. Usually you will feel a gentle pull in the back of the neck as this stretches tight muscles. Try to avoid letting the chin lift up or go down. If you feel like you are creating a “double chin”, you are doing it right.

  • Start Position Sitting or standing

  • Repetitions 3-4 Times Every Hour.

* if These Movements Cause Any Pain or Discomfort, Please Consult With Your Chiropractor.

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