Why is Rocktape So Cool?

Back when I was in chiropractic school, I attended a conference. Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor was there introducing us to the benefits of using kinesiology tape. For those who don’t know, that’s what RockTape is – kinesiology tape. He used it with the professional cyclists for treating repetitive strain on the knees and IT bands. One One of my fellow students had an enormous bruise from being hit by a football. We applied the tape, and after 3 days, the bruise had disappeared. It left an impression on me, for sure. It was magic...

So How Did the Tape Help?

RockTape has a lifting effect on our many layers of skin. The tape micro-massages the skin, helping to move out the by-products of injury or intense workouts. It also helps reduce inflammation. I GIVE YOU A CLOSER LOOK AT THE STRUCTURE OF ROCKTAPE ON THIS VIDEO.

What Exactly is RockTape?

Go to the blurb on our SERVICES AND TECHNIQUES PAGE to learn about RockTape’s structure and “Bio-Mechanical Lifting Mechanism.”

RockTape Treats Many, Many Issues

Text Neck

We teach our patients how to use RockTape to ease the symptoms of TEXT NECK .

PLACED APPROPRIATELY, RockTape will remind you to stop slouching. It’s a simple solution to remind yourself to correct your posture, but only if you are taped correctly.

Movement Therapy and Performance Enhancement

FMT MOVABILITY creates simple and effective home care programs. Using balls, bands, rollers, and tape appropriately enables more mobility and more stability. RockTape is a helpful tool for achieving these therapeutic goals.

The Lesser Joys of Pregnancy

A Sore and Fatigued Back Often Comes With the Extra Weight of Pregnancy. Rocktape Can Help With Back Pain, as Well as Swollen Feet, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Rib Pain, and Many Other Issues.

But You’ve Got to Use RockTape the Right Way

Whether you want to avoid injuries, treat injuries, or recover from a hard workout, RockTape can help. I believe in the power of using RockTape correctly, so I’ve put together a class on mobility and self-care. THE NEXT ONE IS COMING UP SOON. If you’re interested in learning how to use RockTape to take care of yourself, check out the class.


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