Is It Crazy That I’m Taking My Child to a Chiropractor?

“My daughter has the weirdest sleeping positions. One day she woke up with horrible neck pain and she couldn’t move her neck. Dr. Goldi was able to get her in right away. Adjustments and gentle massage really helped.” Ingrid Becker. La Selva Beach, CA A mother asks, “Is it crazy that I’m taking my child…

A mom recently brought her teenage daughter in for an exam and treatment after she complained of upper back tension. She asked me “Is it crazy that I’m taking my child to a chiropractor?”  I asked her why she didn’t take her daughter to the pediatrician. Her reply: “They wouldn’t be able to DO anything, except maybe recommend over-the-counter NSAIDS.” This mother had already tried giving her daughter acetaminophen and it hadn’t helped. She simply said that her teenage daughter spent a lot of time TEXTING and studying. She felt the problem was postural and it was repetitive. Plus, she was sure that after school sports was aggravating the problem. She heard another mom talking about how chiropractic adjustments were helping her daughter and figured it was worth a try.

No, It’s Not Crazy. Chiropractic Provides a Safe Course of Action for Minor Sports Injuries.

Often kids have minor sports injuries where they trip and fall playing soccer, sliding for a goal, or going a little crazy in a bouncy house. If your child continues to complain of neck pain or spinal discomfort after such an incident, a chiropractor can help.

Kids these days tend to specialize at a young age in one sport. This can lead to imbalances in their body as they grow and develop. Take for example the baseball player using his throwing arm over and over again all year long. Chiropractic adjustments can help align the spine and take tension off the shoulder so they are more balanced. 

“Dr. Goldi always fixed me right up… when my step-daughter, who was about 9 at the time, started saying her lower back was bothering her, I took her straight to Dr. Goldi. She loves horseback riding, takes lessons, and helps out with her aunt’s horses. This was causing things to become unaligned. It’s tough on the body. We had the initial appointments and a couple follow up appointments. Dr. Goldi always explained to my step-daughter exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. There was never any hesitancy or nervousness, she always felt comfortable and at ease. A couple months later she complained her back was bothering her again, so we took her right in. When possible, I now schedule back to back appointments for myself and my step-daughter.” ASHYLN FRAZIER, WATSONVILLE

In Fact, It’s Fundamentally Healthy. Chiropractic Can Help Improve General Health and Boost Immunity.

So often, an ear infection means a trip to the doctor and then, antibiotics. But what if a chiropractor could simply align your child’s neck and pop their ears to allow for drainage to prevent an infection from getting worse, as well as speed healing without medication?

“I started taking my son to the chiropractor when I injured my back. At the time I was going pretty often, twice a week, and my toddler came with me most of the time. He asked for a back adjustment one day after a weekend of playing in a bouncy house. He’s been under regular care once a month ever since and I’ve noticed that the last two winters he didn’t have a single flu or cold. He even got an award for not missing a single day of school last year. He used to get sick all the time.” Maria R., Watsonville

Often, It’s Hard to Know What to Do to Help Your Child Feel Better After an Accident Happens. Chiropractic Helps With That, Too.

Traffic in Santa Cruz County is crazy, and sometimes the unexpected happens. If you’ve ever been rear-ended, you know that neck and back pain are common side-effects of whiplash. If your children are in the car with you, they are subjected to the same trauma. Their spines take the same jolt of the impact. If your child complains of peristent soreness for more than a week after the accident, it might be a good idea to bring them to a chiropractor for a spinal check-up.

Most Importantly, Chiropractic Encourages Self-awareness in Children.

Children are known for complaining about their owies and wanting a quick fix. Chiropractic care helps them to learn how certain aches and pain, say an ear infection or stiff neck from a fall, can be relieved by aligning their spine and allowing their bodies to function better and heal. Teaching children to be mindful of their pain, and to seek relief, as well as preventative measures, is a life-long result of coming to see a qualified chiropractor. 

Finally, Chiropractic is Non-invasive.

Adjustments on children are gentle and safe. Chiropractors don’t pierce the skin, so there is no fear. There is no dressing down, and often, Mom or Dad can hold the child in their arms or laying on their tummies for a quick adjustment. From this point of view, chiropractic is simple, easy and helpful. Many children look forward to their chiropractic treatments because they like to feel better!

If you have any questions about whether or not chiropractic care may be apporpriate for your child, give us a call at 831-291-3330 or ask your child’s pediatrician. We have referral relationships with many primary care physicians in the area.


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