Many people are motivated after the holidays to cleanse. They want to clear out the sweet, rich food and drinks like alcohol and hot chocolate. While this is a great time to cleanse, spring is an even better time. Spring is connected to the Liver. In Chinese Medicine we think of each season in…

Spring is connected to the Liver.

In Chinese Medicine we think of each season in relationship to an organ system. There is an energetic property to each organ and the liver has an “up and out” movement in the spring. We can harness the liver’s energy to detox. Cleansing in the spring makes the purification process deeper and more powerful.

What are the best detox products?

I’ve been working with patients for over 16 years. Some of the most powerful and life-changing tools I’ve found are—

  1. 21 Day Purification Program
  2. 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program from Standard Process

I’ve seen cholesterol, blood sugar, high blood pressure, and inflammation markers change dramatically. Even more importantly, I’ve seen major shifts in my patient’s way of eating. This is why I love these programs.

Why these products are best for detoxing.
1. You learn how to eat healthy, whole food from the rainbow.

Nature provides nutrition during the cleanse and for a lifetime. I have seen rapid and dramatic improvements in my patients’ quality of life.

2. The products in each program help your body to let go of toxins.

Toxins are stored in your fat and circulating in your blood stream. Each product addresses different organ systems such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and lymph. Clearing toxins from these organs makes you feel clearer, lighter, and more energetic. You’re also better able to let go of extra weight.

3. Digestive issues are improved.

You increase your intake of healthy vegetables, clean proteins, and whole grains. You also eliminate potential sensitivity foods such as dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, and corn. These foods can inflame the digestive tissues and cause systemic issues. Additionally, herbs and concentrated vegetables in the supplements clear the intestines and regulate the digestion.

4. This is a GENTLE cleanse.

It allows you to live your life without feeling depleted or having to spend your whole day near the bathroom.

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If you are ready for a change, use the energy of spring to your advantage. I’ve seen such amazing results and I want nothing to stand in your way. Reach out so we can talk about the right cleanse for you.


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I hope you have an opportunity to take advantage of the spring and my offer. Find out more about cleansing and its many amazing health benefits.

Happy and Healthy Spring!



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