5 Words to Change My Life

Everyday we decide how our day will go, whether it’s by making a conscious choice, or just reacting to what happens. I choose to make conscious choices. I declare my intentions. Then I write them down, and review them daily.  Words Guide Our Intentions My overarching word for the year: Alignment. I want to look…

Words Guide Our Intentions


I want to look at every choice and opportunity through the lens of total alignment. Before I make any decision, I will ask myself: Is this in Alignment with my Purpose, INTENTIONS, and Goals?

I also have words to guide my intentions for five areas of my life where I want to create growth.

My 5 Guide Words for 2018


Count my blessings before I go to bed. Express gratitude to those around me for their love and support.

My Marriage: Connection.

Communicate. Do things we enjoy together, like date nights, drinking coffee, and listening to live music.

My Family: Fun.

Hike, walk on the beach, ski.  Have a little fun together every day.

My Business: Strategy.

Grow my team. Develop a plan of action designed to achieve this goal.

My Community: Relationships.

Build stronger relationships with the people who mean the most to me: extended family, girlfriends, and networks.

Which Words Do You Choose to Create Your Life?


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